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Name: Caro Dee
Alias(es): carodee, Caro_Dee
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, The Professionals, Perry Mason, others
URL: Caro Dee's Insatiable Site
Caro Dee at AO3
carodee at LiveJournal
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Caro Dee is a fan writer in The Sentinel and other fandoms.

Caro Dee's Archive of Our Own profile gives blanket permission to "remix, podfic, create artwork or fanfic based on [her] fic, use any concepts, plots, world-building or write sequels" provided she is credited.[1]

She has been in The Sentinel fandom since 2003.[2] Her fanfiction has appeared in Sentinel zines including My Mongoose (2004-2009), Come to Your Senses (2003), Bonded (2004), and Warriors (2007). She ran the LiveJournal challenge and edited the zines for Donate an Orgasm for Moonridge.[3]

Notable Fanworks




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