Perry Mason

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Name: Perry Mason
Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner
Date(s): 1957–1966 (tv), 1973–1974 (second tv series), 1985–1995 (tv movies), 2020– (third tv series)
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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Perry Mason was a legal drama based on detective novels by Erle Stanley Gardner.

  • The novels were published from 1933–1973
  • Raymond Burr starred in Perry Mason from 1957–1966, and returned to the role from 1985-1995
  • The New Perry Mason, with Monte Markham, debuted in late 1973 and lasted only 15 episodes
  • A new Perry Mason series, starring Matthew Rhys and set at the beginning of his career, debuted in 2020


The Raymond Burr series and revival have the widest cultural penetration and are probably many people's default association for the name "Perry Mason", but there is also a growing fandom for the 2020 series.


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