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Name: Perry Mason
Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner
Date(s): 1957–1966 (tv), 1973–1974 (second tv series), 1985–1995 (tv movies), 2020– (third tv series)
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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Perry Mason was a legal drama based on detective novels by Erle Stanley Gardner.


  • The novels were published from 1933–1973
  • Six Perry Mason movies were made between 1934 and 1937 [1]
  • A radio series was broadcasted weekdays on CBS Radio from 1943 to 1955 [2]
  • Raymond Burr starred in Perry Mason from 1957–1966, and returned to the role from 1985-1995
  • The series' producer was Gail Patrick, the wife of Erle Stanley Gardner's literary agent:
The unsung hero of TV’s “Perry Mason” is its producer Gail Patrick, who in the mid-1950s was a retired actress married to Gardner’s literary agent, Thomas Cornwell Jackson. She won over Gardner, who was so impressed with her that he put her in charge of a series truer to his ideals.
  • The New Perry Mason, with Monte Markham, debuted in late 1973 and lasted only 15 episodes
  • A new Perry Mason series, starring Matthew Rhys and set at the beginning of his career, debuted in 2020. The show was designed to be a limited series, but in July 2020 executive producer Robert Downey Jr. confirmed a second season on Twitter [4]


The Raymond Burr series and revival have the widest cultural penetration and are probably many people's default association for the name "Perry Mason", but there is also a growing fandom for the 2020 series.



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