Robert Downey Jr.

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Name: Robert Downey Jr.
Also Known As: RDJ
Occupation: actor, producer, singer
Medium: television, film, video game voiceovers
Works: Iron Man, The Avengers Movieverse, Captain America: Civil War (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Sherlock Holmes (2009), Tropic Thunder, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Ally McBeal, and many more
Official Website(s): IMDb, Facebook, Twitter
Fan Website(s): The Institute for Robert Downey Jr Studies, Archived version
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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor who is known for portraying a variety of popular characters.[1] His roles include:

RDJ has been nominated for and received several rewards for his acting.[2] In 2004, he was Hasty Pudding Man of the Year.[3] The award ceremony is basically a roast and, in his acceptance speech, RDJ said it was the most exciting thing to happen to him since he played pocket pool and watched Animal Planet earlier in the day.[4]

The documentary "Sr." (2022) [5] is a film featuring RDJ examining and documenting his relationship with his late father, the filmmaker Robert Downey.


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RDJ sometimes interacts with fans via Twitter and Facebook; he also reblogs or reposts fanart and memes related to his characters or shares gifs and pictures of himself.

Tweet by RDJ, 2014

In 2014, RDJ googled himself and discovered there was a fandom for frostiron on the internet.[6]

On January 2, 2019, miss brain answered an anonymous ask about RDJ's infamous dress sense which has been a source of amusement for fans for a long time on tumblr. The post documents and gives names to several categories of fashion desasters the actor is frequently seen in.[7]


Holmes' New Ally? by potpourriVI (2012)

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RDJ is an occasional character in RPF. He is sometimes paired with one of his costars, such as Jude Law (who played Dr John Watson in the 2009 movie adaption of Sherlock Holmes and its sequel from 2011) or an actor from the Avengers movieverse.

Some of RDJ's characters, especially Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, inspire same-actor crossovers and fusions.



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