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Name: Tony Stark
Occupation: Billionaire Industrialist, Superhero
Relationships: Howard Stark (father), Maria Stark (mother),
Rumiko Fujikawa (Marvel Comics), Pepper Potts (Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)), Steve Rogers (Earth-3490), Edwin Jarvis (Marvel Comics, MCU), JARVIS (Marvel Comics, MCU)
Fandom: Iron Man, The Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Other: Wikipedia
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Tony Stark (full name Anthony Edward Stark) is the alter ego of Iron Man and the main character of the comic and movie franchise of the same name. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr..

The most important thing to know about Tony Stark is that he hates himself. A lot. For various reasons, beginning with survivor’s guilt and ending with alcoholism and years of chronic depression. The second most important thing to know about Tony Stark is that he has a suit of high-tech armor that he loves a whole lot. And a bad heart. Unlikely though it may seem, these two facts are closely connected.[1]



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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and weapons manufacturer turned superhero, Tony creates his first Iron Man suit while held prisoner by terrorists in a cave in Afghanistan. After finding out about the betrayal of his mentor Obediah Stane, Tony joins the Avengers Initiative as a consultant. In the final confrontation with the Chitauri, he decides the battle by flying a nuclear warhead into a wormhole and killing the Chitauri mothership. His relationship with Pepper Potts is shown on numerous occasions; most notably in Iron Man 3, where he rescues her from Aldritch Killian and blows up all his Iron Man suits. He is friends with Colonel James Rhodes and Happy Hogan.


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In April 2021, an anonymous group of fans rented a billboard in Los Angeles asking Marvel to bring Tony Stark back to the MCU.[2] The fan campaign caused mixed reactions on Twitter and other social medias.[3]







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