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Name: Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Occupation: employee of Stark Industries
Relationships: Tony Stark (love interest/employer/friend); Happy Hogan (love interest/husband)
Fandom: Iron Man, The Avengers, Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man Movieverse, The Avengers Movieverse
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Pepper Potts (full name Virginia Potts) is the supporting character of the comic and movie franchise of the Iron Man series. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Pepper Potts is played by Gwyneth Paltrow.


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Common Tropes

  • Corporate Badass in fanon as well as canon, Pepper is portrayed as an effective and powerful leader of Stark Industries, a giant multinational corporation, improving on Tony's efforts as CEO.
  • Domestic Avengers, or Superfamily - Pepper is usually is considered the mom/wife or just an aunt.
  • Extremis!Pepper -- In the Iron Man 3 movie, after being infected with the "Extremis" fantasy nanotechnology, Pepper becomes a Superhero and rescues herself. The AO3 tag is Extremis Pepper Potts. She was disturbed by killing and asked Tony Stark to cure her.
  • Rescue Suit Pepper in Avengers Endgame, Pepper wears a powered suit that Tony built for her called Rescue and stands with the heroes in the final battle against Thanos.


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