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Name: Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Ross
Occupation: scientist
cellular biologist (The Incredible Hulk)
Director of Communications/Public Relations Officer of The Ultimates (Ultimate Marvel)
Head of Security for Stark International ("Heroes Reborn" Universe)
Relationships: Bruce Banner (love interest/sometimes husband), General Ross (father), Glenn Talbot (ex-husband),
Fandom: Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ultimate Avengers, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
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Betty Ross is a character of the comic and movie franchise of Hulk from Marvel Comics. Betty has also been known as Harpy and is currently known as the Red She-Hulk in the comics.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Betty Ross is played by Liv Tyler in The Incredible Hulk (2008) film. In The Hulk (2003) film Betty is played by Jennifer Connelly. She also appears in other Hulk films and cartoons.


Common Tropes

  • With the The Avengers (2012) release, the lack of Betty Ross (and other female characters) disappointed fans. There has been several stories of her being introduced into the MCU. This is of course usually by Bruce Banner, although sometimes it is more of a background/past-relationship for other Bruce ships. However there has been an intake of fics with Betty working for SHIELD or for Stark, as well as her joining the "scientist team" (Jane Foster, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner). She's also considered to be friends with Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanova in most of the fics and art work she's apart of.[1]


The largest pairing for Betty Ross is with Bruce Banner, which is a canon pairing in most Hulk universes.






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