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Synonyms: Frost Giant Loki, Jotun Loki, Jotnar Loki, Jötnar Loki, Loki Laufeyson
Related: Loki (Marvel character), Loki (Norse Mythology)
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Jotunn Loki is a trope in Thor Movieverse fanworks, in which Loki has always been or reverts to being outwardly Jotunn, in appearance and/or behaviour.

As of Feb 2021, 2564 works were tagged "Jotunn Loki" on AO3, though these did not catch all of the works with this trope.


In the first Thor movie, when Loki was shown as a baby being taken by Odin, he had red eyes, blue skin, and markings on his face and body. As Odin held him, these features seemed to disappear, implying that Odin placed a spell to hide Loki's true origins. This was confirmed as canon by Marvel.[1]

Later, Loki was able to handle the Casket of Ancient Winters, a Jotunn relic and weapon that was captured by the Asgardians in 965 A.D., without being hurt. However, Loki's skin took on a blue tinge when he touched it, leading to the confrontation with Odin in which he learnt about his past.


Jotunn Loki, as he appears in fanon, is often an amalgam of several versions of the character.

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