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Synonyms: Domesticity, Domestic Fluff, Family AU, Curtainfic
Related: Kidfic, de-age, pregnancy, marriage, Family Dynamics
See Also: Mundane AU, futurefic
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Domestic fic or Domestic AUs are works showing canon characters living their everyday lives. This form of AU is particularly popular in fandoms with supernatural or science fiction elements, but unlike Mundane AUs, it's not necessary to remove these elements to have a domestic fic. Instead the characters are placed in domestic scenarios, which are removed from the stresses of canon.

In a domestic fic, characters in a canon or non-canon relationship are sometimes married with children, so there is an overlap with kidfics.


Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

The 100:

  • One of the Greatest Titles in the World is Parent by jollyrogerjayhawk, “One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.” Bellamy and Clarke have somehow quasi-adopted a plethora of children.
  • Routine by mg0918, Bellamy isn't sure how it became a routine, Clarke curling up in his bed every night and him clinging to her like she's his only lifeline.


Marvel Cinematic Universe:


  • A Life Most Ordinary by sonofabiscuit77, Sam and Dean Winchester are two ordinary brothers living ordinary, small-town lives. Okay, so maybe having a mother who was brutally murdered by one of America’s most notorious serial killers and a father who needs 6 different kinds of medication to get out of bed in the morning is not that ordinary, but the rest of their problems... well they’re entirely ordinary... The only thing extraordinary about Sam and Dean is this: the story of how they fell in love and how they learned to cope in such an ordinary world with such an extraordinary love. (Wincest)


Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon

French Toast and Daffodils, Archived version by bryzknowstheuniverseFandom: ITDate: 2017-12-20Length: 5,929Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Bill and Mike have been together for fifteen years and have been through everything together. They deserve some domestic bliss with hot anniversary sex.

Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier

Spilled Milk, Archived version by splendid_splendontFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-10Length: 1,417Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Bill has a habit of finding strays. He tries not to get too attached.

Mike Hanlon/Stanley Uris

I Am So Sick Of Being Alive, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-30Length: 277Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Yes, Mike knows Stan is really dramatic. Richie doesn't help.
Waiting To Exhale, Archived version by bryzknowstheuniverseFandom: ITDate: 2018-01-24Length: 6,539Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
All of this time. All of the struggles they've been through. Everything. Has led to this moment, has lead to Mike and Stan just waiting for good news so they can exhale.

Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh

safe place., Archived version by mlmenjolrasFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-23Length: 706Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
They were engaged to be engaged, as Ben had put it.

Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier

Clunky Telephones, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-09-20Length: 287Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie and Rich love each other even when they don't admit it to their friends. On separate occasions though, their friends already know.
69 (Cents), Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-10Length: 153Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie and Richie go to McDonalds. But tragedy strikes when Eddie in turn pulls out his money... And Richie, of course, is inappropriate.
Let Me Give You A Riddle, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-07Length: 334Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
(27 Years Later AU) Richie and Eddie are both happy and alive--and even after all this time, they're still very, very much in love.
look after you, Archived version by HEARTBROKENFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-13Length: 12,259Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
"The world, the storm, the galaxy; stopped colliding. It froze. For just a second. Richie’s heart didn’t beat. Eddie's didn't either." /or/ Richie Tozier cares about Eddie Kaspbrak more than he cares about himself.
Blurry, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-12-06Length: 175Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie tries to be sexy. For some reason it doesn't really work.
Kiss the Cook, Archived version by ephemeralprinceFandom: ITDate: 2017-12-26Length: 1,646Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
It's Eddie and Richie's first Christmas together as a couple, and Richie is determined to make the date memorable, no matter what Sonia Kaspbrak says.
Rise and Shine, Archived version by Semi_problematicFandom: ITDate: 2018-01-02Length: 1,175Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie got on his knees, sliding his hands up Eddie's stomach and chest. "Tangle your hands in my hair-"
S p a g h e t t i, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2018-01-18Length: 79Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie wants to die, thanks.
Responsibility, Archived version by lostshakerofsaltFandom: ITDate: 2018-03-23Length: 1,174Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
On a lazy Sunday morning Richie decides that they need a pet, specifically a hamster. Eddie agrees.
Happy Anniversary, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2018-04-20Length: 97Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
It's Richie and Eddie's anniversary. They decide to celebrate.
Best Thing I've Ever Heard, Archived version by eddiespegnertiFandom: ITDate: 2018-05-01Length: 3,412Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie and Richie go out for dinner at their newfound engagement, but for Richie, a nice little dinner date couldn’t go… unpunished.
Easter, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2018-05-15Length: 208Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie Kaspbrak is a very sappy boy. Richie loves that about him though but shh, it's a secret. And you know what though? They're perfect for each other. Because Richie is a sap too.
Somewhere that's green, Archived version by speakslowFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-23–2018-11-30Length: 25,484Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
The Kaspbrak-Toziers are about to host Thanksgiving for the first time. Sadie gives them some eggcellent news. (AKA the story that's told via snapshots of important days in the months leading up to the birth of their first child.)
Heartbeats For You, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2018-09-01Length: 108Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie doesn't like being short, but Richie makes everything a little bit better.
nothing for me (but to love you), Archived version by stupidityisdangerousFandom: ITDate: 2018-12-09Length: 479Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie, Eddie, and their lives together.
Baby, I'm Counting On You, Archived version by PuddingTownFandom: ITDate: 2019-03-07–2020-01-11Length: 74,439Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
When Richie Tozier breezes back into his hometown of Derry, Maine, he’s expecting to see familiar faces. Of course, he’s not expecting to see an old flame chasing around a baby. With a million questions, nowhere to go, and a help wanted ad for a nannying job, he finds himself at the doorstep of Eddie Kaspbrak.
only fools fall, Archived version by Val_CreativeFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-11Length: 1,417Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
After the divorce with Myra, Eddie stays with Richie while he’s getting back on his feet. They’re never bored.
just a bad dream, Archived version by eddiefuckinkaspbrakFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-12Length: 1,619Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Eddie’s body sagged a little as the words registered in his brain and a hang was brought up to lace through Richie’s curls. “Richie, babe, look at me.” Richie did, pulling back and looking at Eddie desperately. “Did you dream about it again? About what you saw in the deadlights?”
i am terrified your body could fall apart at any second, Archived version by cheekaspbrakFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-16Length: 17,947Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Turns out even near death experiences can't make Richie Tozier grow a pair.
Reddie's Happily Ever After, Archived version by sun_on_the_seaFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-17–2019-09-22Length: 1,446Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
Why are the straight people the only one with happy endings? Mild angst at the beginning as Richie gets to overcome his fear like he deserves, but after that it's just a Reddie happily ever after.
slam fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched, Archived version by ShowMeAHeroFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-23–2019-11-01Length: 11,719Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
(CW: Substance Use) - “Shut the fuck up, Richie, Jesus Christ,” Eddie snaps, still trying to park. Richie shoves at him, and Eddie shoves him back.
Fluff, Archived version by GalekhXigisiFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-24Length: 864Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie talks about his family at one of his shows.
Button Up Your Overcoat, Archived version by stitchyFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-28Length: 3,883Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
“It’s just a gut check, there is no gun to your balls here,” says Richie. "But if you were gonna be a dad... what do you think you’d like about it?”
this, forever, Archived version by cheekaspbrakFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-29Length: 1,501Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Prompt: "I can't do anything right."

Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris

Juxtaposition, Archived version by CieraDarleneFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-03Length: 964Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
No, they wouldn’t change a thing. Stanley wouldn’t change the fact that Richie tears his clothing off and tosses them haphazardly around the room before they get into bed, or how they never even make their bed. Richie wouldn’t change the fact that he’s nagged at least once a day to put something away or clean something up. Because it's balanced. It’s a juxtaposition, sure, but it’s balanced. And they need that. Both of them.
Baby, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2018-04-26Length: 125Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie gets hurt. Stan is there to provide--uh, comfort? Encouragement? Sure, you could say that, but in his own special way of course.
Dog Days, Archived version by littleboxesofstarsFandom: ITDate: 2018-09-06Length: 36,635Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie Tozier is twenty years old, over halfway through a Chemistry degree at the University of Maine, and in love with his best friend and roommate, Stanley Uris. And he figures that it's fine, with no cause for change, until he finds an injured puppy near his apartment.


What goes bump in the night, Archived version by FantasiaGolwynFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-22–2017-10-25Medium: FanartStatus: Incomplete
When one night Pennywise decided to scare his S/O but only it doesn't goes as he planed.
Demons, Archived version by casstayinmyassFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-26Length: 1,189Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Your house is haunted. Pennywise fixes this for you.
Carousel, Archived version by Orphan accountFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-31Length: 9,438Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
The circus rolls into Derry twice-yearly. As a child, you were fascinated by Robert Gray, also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the owner and head-clown of the circus. You never failed to turn up when the circus came to town, and you made fast friends with his son, a half-feral boy called Junior.
Gods and Monsters, Archived version by Orphan accountFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-03Length: 5,147Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
It’s your time of the month and you’re feeling needy and fragile. Daddy Pen is more than happy to indulge you but, as always, his attention comes with a price.
Cosmic Love, Archived version by Orphan accountFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-21Length: 24,103Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
After spending the best part of a week with your head in the toilet, and skipping a period, you finally pluck up the courage to take a pregnancy test. You know that you can't possibly be pregnant, not with an alien-clown-thing's baby, but the results of the test say otherwise. From this moment on, whatever you decide, your life will never be the same.

• Multi

Welcome To The Losers' Club, Archived version by reddie_set_goFandom: ITDate: 2017-10-06–2017-10-08Length: 5,311Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
Bev has a gift for the Losers, and it starts a whole new chapter of their lives together. This series is set in an AU where everyone lived, everyone stayed in Derry, and Pennywise is gone for good. (Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier, Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough/Stanley Uris)
Our Partners, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2017-11-02Length: 338Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Ben and Eddie are the mature ones in their respective relationships. Surprisingly, Stan is not that good of an influence either, no matter how innocent he acts. The gang has some fun in the summer. (Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh, Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier)

IT/Stranger Things

Richie Tozier/Mike Wheeler

Untitled 516, Archived version by Jack Sevlin RipleyFandom: ITDate: 2019-01-14Length: 416Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Mike slept late.

• Multi

This little bungalow, Archived version by Jack Sevlin Ripley & Michael_hearteyes_WheelerFandom: ITDate: 2018-07-09–2018-07-09Length: 1,676Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
In this series of headcanons, the losers and party members all live together (through various age ranges - essentially forever) with Joyce and Hopper, with Jonathan, Steve and Nancy all being key parts of their lives as well. Everyone is happy, and healthy, and occasionally we get visits from Bob, Kali, Georgie, Erica, Holly and others, too! (Losers Party, Jonathan Byers/Steve Harrington/Nancy Wheeler, Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper, Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper/Bob Newby)

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