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Name: Bexless
Type: writer
Fandoms: bandom, AI8, Smallville
URL: Website
AO3 page
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Bexless is a fanfiction writer who wrote mostly in Bandom, AI8 and Smallville fandoms. She has also written in a variety of other fandoms as part of the Yuletide fic exchange.

Bexless used to own a Livejournal account, which has since been purged. At the time of writing, she has not posted fic to AO3 since August 2013.

Bexless has given blanket permission to podfic her stories, with a few caveats.[1] Many of her stories have indeed been recorded.[2]


Bexless is perhaps best known to many in Bandom as the writer of Unholyverse (link), one of the most well-known and most beloved verses in My Chemical Romance fandom.

The epic verse (186k words) contains three main parts and two smaller codas, posted from June 2008 to May 2009. It is described by its author as: "Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest." (See the priest!fic trope.) It is an AU of 1999 movie Stigmata and features the members of MCR, their then manager Brian Schechter, and the members of Fall Out Boy.

Two codas were posted in the fall of 2009.

Years after its creation, Unholyverse continues to be featured on recs lists and still inspires fans to post quotes and create art and edits inspired by the story.[3] See for example the fuckyeahunholyverse Tumblr.

Other notable works

Other popular Bandom AUs:

Other fandoms:


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