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Synonyms: Not fic, Not-fic, Notfic
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Not!fic emerged as a term in Bandom to refer to a story written in a particular style - generally more like a story outline or summary than a traditional fic, and with a liberal sprinkling of chatspeak, lolcat and references to various memes. Not!fic has since spread to other fandoms.


skoosiepants had a not!fic tag in her livejournal with several Bandom fic posts, but the first was actually a Stargate Atlantis fic in December 2006, which she introduced as:

So I had a hankering for a buddyfic with slashy undertones, but nothing overt. And then I had a eureka moment, because Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of my favorite Thanksgiving movies, and the end always makes my heart ache, and I totally don't want to write it, so I kind of... didn't write it. The 'they're drunk' line was only slightly amended from the movie, because that part is absolute genius. Also, someone slicker than I could've made it all heartwarming and stuff, and more with the hilarity, and also threaded in John's life better, but! As I said, this is not a fic. It's important to remember that.[1]

The SGA fic was written in the same breezy summary style as later Bandom not!fic, but lacked the emoticons and chatspeak. skoosiepants posted her personal definition of not!fic on AO3:

Just a note on what I deem not!fic: a story that's not fully realized and also where the premise or plot is not mine.[2]

Other likely sources for the spread of not!fic include wolfshirts and damnyouwentz. The wolfshirts community wasn't created until November 2007, months after the first self-identified not!fics were posted, but it was mentioned in the author notes for "This Never Happened" and did reflect the same emoticon- and all-caps-laden writing style[3]. For example:

And it starts to get REALLY AWKWARD because Gerard is like, okay, Frank is not letting go, there is so much snuggling, I can't help but get, uh, sort of...excited, after a while and Frank is like STOP IT, I JUST WANT A HUG :( :( :( THINK OF MY PLIGHT :( :( :( I HAVE BEEN POISONED BY CUDDLE POLLEN, CAN I PUT MY FACE IN YOUR NECK AND FALL ASLEEP AGAIN? :( :( :([4]



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