This Never Happened (fanfic)

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Title: This Never Happened
Author(s): Bexless
Date(s): 2008?
Length: 28613 words
Genre(s): not!fic, slash, high school au
Fandom(s): MCR
External Links: fic at the AO3

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This Never Happened is a popular not!fic by Bexless. It was originally posted to her now-deleted livejournal sometime before 31 October 2008[1] and was later uploaded to the AO3.

In addition to being not!fic, the story contains many classic MCR tropes, including Basement!Gerard, crossdressing, Mikey not smiling, and High School AUs.

Like many fics by Bexless, "This Never Happened" was turned into a podfic. See This Never Happened (podfic).

Fan Reactions/Reviews

A classic in my mind! Possibly the first not!fic I’ve read?? Amazing and guaranteed laughs![2]

i love not-fic so much, and this one does it so perfectly and it’s like, 90% pining and 10% angry rebellious frank and i l o v e it[3]


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