This Never Happened (podfic)

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This page is about the podfic. For the fanfic, see This Never Happened (fanfic)

Title: This Never Happened
Podfic Artist(s): klb
Cover Artist: aneas
Date(s): May 13, 2011
Length: 3:05:31
File: 181.3MB mp3; 143.9MB m4b
Based On: This Never Happened
Author: bexless
Fandom: Bandom; My Chemical Romance
External Links: At the podficcer's LJ
This Never Happened Cover by aneas.jpg

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This Never Happened is a three-hour Frank/Gerard podfic by klb. It is based on the story This Never Happened by Bexless.

Summary: High school AU not!fic where Frank moves in with the Ways for his senior year.

This was created for podficbigbang and had sound effects added by bessyboo. It was also one of the first not!fics turned into a podfic. Many podficcers to later record podfics use klb's reading style of emoticons as a reference.

Recs and Reviews

  • One of the more interesting aspects of bandom has been the creation of the so-called not!fic. It’s not like other fandoms didn’t story talk or share unfinished story ideas, but these not!fics can indeed be fully formed, long stories, where the style is a bit more like story telling than novelized prose. Indeed, not!fics are kind of the perfect source for podfics, because they mimic the storytelling mode, except that not!fics also (ab)use emoticons prolifically. And that can be difficult to narrate, instead requiring a vast array of sounds and voice acting to express these emotions. My rec here is the first story I heard that managed to brilliantly translate a not!fic into a successful podfic... The excerpt concludes with a musical interlude to separate the sections. Every interlude here is different, because klb collaborated with Bessyboo, who included a variety of additional sound effects. All of them are relevant and match: the one that concludes the excerpt above, for example, is These Days are Dark by Harry and the Potters, adding yet another layer of fannish collaboration and intertextuality.[1]


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