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Journal Community
Date(s): created 7 November 2007 - Last updated on 20 October 2010
Moderator: blondiusmaximus, mcee
Founder: mcee
Type: crack plotbunnies, etc.
Fandom: MCR, Bandom
URL: http://wolfshirts.livejournal.com/

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wolfshirts is a LiveJournal community for sharing Bandom crackfic ideas. From the profile page:

Tell bandom of crucial AUs and crackfics and sundry stories missing from our collective oeuvre. And then discuss them ad nauseam. Primarily MCR-centric, but all satellite bands, sundry hangers-on, and significant others also welcome. Feel free to write stories based on anything here, just link back to the original discussion post. You can post such stories here, or link to them.[1]

A sister community, thnksfrthjzz, was created for PATD crackfic plotbunnies in January 2008. Another plotbunny community for all bandom, bandom_abandon, had been created before wolfshirts, in September 2007. Neither thnksfrthjzz nor bandom_abandon were as successful as wolfshirts.

The community started out wildly popular, with dozens of posts on some days in November. Posting slowed starting in 2008 and petered out in 2010. As of 2017, the community has 434 posts; 11,128 comments; and 394 members.[1]

The Name

wolfshirts is a reference to a much maligned fashion trend.[2] In particular, "It's a loving ode to the fact that Gerard was totally the kind of basement-dwellin' dude to wear those wolf shirts with the big rainbows and moons and screenprinted trees on them. As wolfshirts is the metaphorical basement-dwellin' place of cracked out AUs and fic scenarios of fandom! Or something like that."[3] (There does not appear to be any photographic evidence that Gerard Way ever wore wolf shirts, but community members later noticed with delight that MCR had a wolf shirt for sale[4].)

The wolfshirts fanon may have been more widely discussed in Bandom at the time.[5] For example, the fic Forever, Now has a scene where Gerard objects to a wolf sweatshirt, and that scene was originally posted 21 October 2007, two weeks before the comm was created.

See also Basement!Gerard.


Although the term not!fic is not mentioned anywhere in the community, the group brainstorming in the comments sections resembles the style of not!fics, which were slowly emerging as a distinct genre. For example: Frankie wants to serve you cherry pie and top off your coffee., Archived version (November 15, 2007) Fans also posted chatfic in the posts and in the comments. For example: Firefly AU, anyone?, Archived version (November 25, 2007)

Fics Inspired

Many posts described AU ideas that later appeared in bandom fic, but in some cases the comm seems to have been merely reflecting common tropes in bandom at the time. (For example, wolfshirts was not the only place people remarked upon the resemblance between Gerard Way and Paul Gross.[6]) However, a few stories were explicitly inspired by the comm.

A post on November 21, 2007, Archived version was one inspiration for Skin of the Canvas by sinsense in 2008.[7] Gerard-as-an-artist AUs are fairly common, but Frank-as-a-model isn't.

December 2007: untitled ficlet by moneyes, Rest Stop by kitsune_tsuki

Keeping Time, a Doctor Who/Panic! at the Disco crossover by akire_yta, June 2008[8]

A February 2008 wolfshirts post may have been an indirect inspiration or encouragement for The Fall and Rise of the Black Parade; the author commented on the post to say "If I don't talk myself out of it in the next few days, I may be writing a Black Parade AU for bandombigbang."[9]


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