Skin of the Canvas

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Title: Skin of the Canvas
Author(s): sinsense
Date(s): 2008-06-17
Length: 42081 words
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
External Links: on AO3; on LJ; bandom big bang masterpost

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Skin of the Canvas by sinsense is a Frank/Gerard AU in which Gerard is an art student and Frank is a model. Also featured are Mikey, Brian Schechter as Gerard's sponsor, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar as Frank's roommates, Brian Molko of Placebo as Gerard's professor, and Jepha Howard as outraged on behalf of Bert McCracken. It was written for Bandom Big Bang 2008 and inspired by a post on wolfshirts.

Fan Reactions/Reviews

The original LiveJournal post for the last chapter had 436 comments. Some examples:

This universe feels so very lived in, like it actually does extend beyond the story. I love that.[1]
Gerard was just...ugh. He killed me. Being in recovery is one of the hardest things, and you really captured how constant it is, that your addiction is always there waiting in the back of your mind whether you are happy or sad. And the idea that you can't run away from the past or run away from the things you arfe fraid of no matter how hard you try.[2]
I also love your characters - they're brilliant. Your Frank is hot and awesome, your Gerard made my heart ache a little bit at times, but it was all okay in the end (when he talks on the phone he sits on his kitchen floor!!), and while your Gerard is my favorite (fyi: I'm ridiculously biased), your Brian was just. Awesome. He was so snarky and tough but he still worried, too. Dude. Brian! I've never seen him written like that, so it was different, but still totally him. <33[3]

LiveJournal community mcr_daily_flail hosted a book club discussion of the fic in June 2012.[4]

On Tumblr:

the holy trinity of fics is actually unholyverse, aoaf, and skin of the canvas, believe it or not #I'LL FIGHT SOMEONE ON THIS[5]

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