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Name: Ray Toro
Also Known As: Torosaurus
Occupation: Musician (Guitarist My Chemical Romance)
Medium: Music
Works: My Chemical Romance Discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Ray Toro is best known as the lead guitarist of American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, one of the core three bands that constitute the Bandom canon. In 2014 he announced a solo project.

He is married and has a child.

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As of July 23, 2017, there are 3883 works tagged 'Ray Toro' on AO3.[1] However, Ray and Ray pairings appear mostly as supporting character or minor relationships.

Ray ships in order of popularity, according to AO3 pairing tag use:

Unlike with other married members of the band, there are little to no fics featuring canon wife Christa, as she is not considered a public figure. There are very few crossover pairings between Ray and non-MCR bandom characters. (However, Rule 34 applies; see for instance this 2005 Ray/Adam Lazzara fic based on an RP and written in the second person and present tense.[6])

Depiction in Fanon

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Ray is often given the role of 'straight man,' acting as a foil for other band members' antics and issues. He might be depicted as serious, earnest and more focused on work than other members. Due to his relatively larger size and build, fics involving him might feature size kink.

In Fanart

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