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Synonyms: Juggernaut Pairing
See also: OTP, The Fandom That Ate Fandom
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A Juggernaut Ship is a relationship that is so extremely popular within a fandom that it dwarfs all other pairings in the amount of fanworks produced. It could also be considered the majority pairing within a fandom.

Beyond this basic definition, and despite the term being frequently referenced or used in various fandom spaces, the meaning of 'juggernaut pairing' seems to be understood intuitively and not universally. Additionally, fans may have a variety of opinions on how to identify such pairings or describe their characteristics.

The process of identifying juggernauts is further complicated when dealing with fandoms with multiple types of source media or extended universes, such as the MCU, Star Wars, or Star Trek fandoms, or when a fandom is particularly long-lived and has multiple generations or waves of participation. However, most juggernaut ships seem to be understood as a pairing whose content completely overwhelms all others based on the 'highest level' of the fandom, and across all spaces or platforms which host the fanworks, rather than for specific sub-fandoms or sites.

In LiveJournal fandom in recent years, the juggernaut ship is likely to be a white male/male (slash) one.[1] This phenomenon is also known as White Cock.

Sometimes the predominance of a particular ship makes other fans feel left out. At times bitterness over juggernaut ships leads to wank or ship wars. Juggernauts may also be referenced in direct contrast to rarepairs.

An extremely popular fandom (aka The Fandom That Ate Fandom) may also be a juggernaut; for example Harry Potter.

Juggernaut Pairings

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  1. ^ meta by skalja, Archived version: "But in almost every single Western fandom I’ve been in, the most popular pairing is two white-presenting guys; the few exceptions pair a white-presenting man and a white-presenting woman."