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Synonyms: shipwar, shipping war
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A ship war is a heated disagreement between two or more groups of shippers. Unlike your garden variety of wank, ship wars span a long time (often years) and involve many people in their fandom. Symptoms of a ship war include:

  • rants, both of the "we're obviously right" and "why can't we all write our porn and get along" kinds
  • long-winded essays trying to prove canonicity or superiority of the preferred ship (sometimes going overboard and claiming every scene with one or both of the characters as proof, in a very convoluted, Dan Brown fashion) or pointing the flaws in similar essays by rival shippers
  • a refusal to quiet down till well after the canon is closed

Ship wars often aggravate other fannish behavior such as flames ("if you like X/Y, you're Z!") and character bashing.


In the 2010s, there has been fannish discussion about how the arguments in ship wars have changed, from whether or not a ship has canon support to whether or not a ship is morally good.[1] See also The Three Laws of Fandom.

Panel of a humorous picture meta, by coolkarmact, about the Jonsa vs Jonerys ship war in Game of Thrones fandom, but the sentiments could apply to almost any ship war

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Policies and Practices

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Meta/Further Reading


The TV Tropes article on Ship to Ship Combat provides many more examples.


  1. See What's the difference fandom wise between today and ten years ago? ask answered by glamaphonic (31 December 2015), Anti-Shippers entry at the Fail_Fandomanon wiki.


  1. TV Tropes had to lock the Die For Our Ship/InuYasha page, saying it "houses one of the most rabid and militant shipping wars of all time." It is the only page about shipping which receives this treatment.