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Ship War
ShipWar: Westallen vs. Snowbarry
Date(s): October 2014 — present
Location: Tumblr, Twitter
Fandom: The Flash
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Westallen vs. Snowbarry is a ship war that originated in the Twitter and Tumblr fandoms of the CW series The Flash series between fans of two Barry Allen pairings: Barry Allen/Iris West (Westallen) and Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow (Snowbarry).


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Tumblr post to any Snowbarry fans judging them for shipping Barry with Killer Frost, comparing it with Clark/Lex.

As soon as the Arrow spin-off was announced, the (comicsverse canon) Barry Allen/Iris West pairing became popular since it was revealed in one of the episodes that Barry Allen had appeared in on Arrow that he had secretly loved someone, whom fans inferred to be Iris West. It was again hinted who that person might be to Felicity Smoak, who was worried about him because he was in a coma (see Barry/Felicity for more).

However, with the release of the official trailer for the television series in May 2014, the pairing Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow also started to take off. This created tension with some Iris/Barry fans, either because they felt it wrong that people shipped Caitlin with Barry because Caitlin is a white woman and it could potentially erase the importance of the casting of Iris West as a woman of colour for the first time ever; because Caitlin was going to become Killer Frost (a villain in the comics); or because they did not find the ship credible.

There are also Snowbarry fans who like Iris or like the gen relationship between Barry & Iris or even a potential romantic relationship between them. This goes the same for Iris and Barry/Iris fans; some actually do like Caitlin Snow and the gen relationship between Barry & Caitlin. At times this has led to these shippers being accused of being indecisive or "copping out"[1] by failing to pick a favourite ship.

The pairings Caitlin Snow/Ronnie Raymond and Iris West/Eddie Thawne are also sometimes affected by the controversy, since, in Season One, Iris is canonically in a relationship with Eddie Thawne, and Caitlin is still in love with Ronnie (her fiancé whom she believed to have died in the explosion, though later revealed to have become Firestorm).

Ultimately the Westallen vs. Snowbarry situation goes beyond being a simple ship war due to the entrenched racism in fandom, and the microaggressions and racist attitudes from fans, which largely go unacknowledged or are dismissed by white fans.

Racism & Misogynoir towards Iris West

Tumblr post about being called racist for not shipping WestAllen.

In The Flash TV series, the character of Iris West is racebent from white (in the comics) to a POC, making Iris/Barry an interracial couple. Caitlin Snow, on the other hand was cast as white. After the premiere of the first episode, Snowbarry fans were accused of being racist[2] on Tumblr and Twitter.

Candice Patton, the actress who portrays Iris West, has been subjected to a deluge of hate and racist attacks since her casting was announced (see: Iris_West#Racism), some of which has come from fans of Snowbarry. While many Westallen fans have said that they do not consider Snowbarry shippers (or the ship itself) to be inherently racist, they have criticised Snowbarry fans for tagging hate towards Iris/Candice Patton with #westallen and ignoring the behaviour of Snowbarry fans who have hurled racist attacks at Patton.[3] However, some fans of Westallen have called Snowbarry a "racist ship" and accused Danielle Panabaker (the actress who portrays Caitlin Snow) of baiting it by saying that she would like the relationship to be explored on the show.[4]

On Tumblr, a fan account called 'Flash Confessions' is actually used as a platform for racists to attack Candice Patton and Iris, while praising Panabaker and Caitlin Snow/Frost. The 'confessions' posted even go so far as to claim that Grant Gustin is unhappy with his show because of Patton.[5] One argument that Westallen antishippers use to infer the invalidity of shipping Westallen is that they were raised as de facto siblings from age 10.


Results of the Conflict



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