Westallen vs. Snowbarry

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Event: Westallen vs. Snowbarry
Name(s): shippers
Date(s): October 2014 — present
Type: Ship War
Fandom: The Flash
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Westallen vs. Snowbarry is a Ship War that originated in the Twitter and Tumblr fandoms of the CW series The Flash series, arguably between stans of two Barry Allen pairings: Barry/Iris (Westallen) and Barry/Caitlin (Snowbarry).


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Tumblr post to any Snowbarry fans judging them for shipping Barry with Killer Frost, comparing it with Clark/Lex.

Since the Arrow spin-off was announced, the implied (comicsverse canon) Barry Allen/Iris West pairing was popular since it was revealed in one of the episodes Barry Allen appeared in on Arrow was that he had secretly loved someone. It was again hinted at exactly who it was - Iris - to Felicity Smoak who was worried about him because of his coma (see Barry/Felicity for more). However with the release of the official trailer for the television series in May 2014, the pairing Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow started to take off.

This started creating tensions with some of Iris/Barry fans who felt it was wrong that people started shipping Caitlin with Barry since she was going to become Killer Frost (a villain in the comics) or ridiculous for fans to start shipping them just because she asked him to urinate in a cup.

Tumblr post about being called racist for not shipping WestAllen.

After the premiere of the first episode, Snowbarry fans had started being accused of racist for not shipping/liking Iris/Barry - which would be an interracial couple - and Iris West who is a POC[1] on Tumblr and Twitter. However, there are many Snowbarry fans who like Iris or like the gen relationship between Barry & Iris or even a potential romantic relationship between them [2].

This goes the same for Iris and Barry/Iris fans; some actually do like Caitlin Snow and the gen relationship between Barry & Caitlin.

There were many comments on Tumblr that people liked both ships and couldn't decide between them; this often led to them being accused of being indecisive or copping out[3].

The pairings Caitlin Snow/Ronnie Raymond and Iris West/Eddie Thawne are also sometimes affected, since Caitlin is still in love with her fiancé who she believed to have died in the explosion (however we know he becomes Firestorm - and her comicverse canon history with Ronnie) and Iris is currently in love and in a relationship with Eddie Thawne.

This leads to a lot of hateful comments on both sides and various pleads on both sides for stopping the unnecessary Ship War. Many fans expressed negative sentiments towards the entire conflict, feeling it was ridiculous - that it doesn't matter who or what you ship. Despite this, many blogs on both sides of the ships end up with negative comments. Some Snowbarry fans are asked for "proof" of being POC if they are shipping Snowbarry[4].


The actors involved are aware of the hate (though it's not certain on what level), likely due to their personal or the official The Flash Twitter feeds being inundated with negative commentary about their respective characters. Both Candice Patton[5] and Danielle Panabaker experience hate and negative comments on Twitter.[6][7]

Grant Gustin defends his co-workers and often blocks Twitter/IG accounts that have hateful comments[8][9].


Results of the Conflict



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