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Pairing: Barry Allen/Iris West
Alternative name(s): WestAllen, Biris
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: The Flash (Arrowverse, '90s TV series, comics), Young Justice (TV series), Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: popular
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Barry/Iris, also known as the portmanteau WestAllen in the Arrowverse, is the canon het pairing of Barry Allen (Flash) and Iris West in the Flash fandoms, including CW's The Flash and Young Justice.


Young Justice

They appear together in several episodes of Young Justice. They are married and are expecting twins, one of which would be Bart Allen's father.


Pre-canon, Iris and Barry are best friends before his mother is brutally murder by the Reverse Flash at age 11. His father, Henry Allen, is convicted of murdering his mother and lives with Iris and her father, Joe West.

In season 1 of The Flash (2014), Iris West is in a relationship with Eddie Thawne, and they later become engaged. Barry grapples with his feelings for Iris, before giving Iris and Eddie his blessing. Following Eddie's death at the end of the season, Barry and Iris remain close friends but neither of them bring up their romantic feelings. Barry eventually asks Iris out; but Season 2 concludes with his father's death at Zoom's hands; defeating Zoom; and going back in time, thus creating Flashpoint, a timeline where Iris West doesn't know him.

After Barry returns to his original timeline, Iris and Barry begin dating. Barry is soon consumed with the need to save Iris from her impending death at the hands of Savitar; and he asks Iris to marry him in the hope of changing the future. It is actually Iris who eventually defeats Savitar at the end of Season 3; but she loses Barry to the speedforce prison. In the Season 4 premiere, he is released from the speedforce; and they marry mid-season.

On Earth-2, Barry meets Iris' doppelganger, and discovers that Earth-2 Barry Allen is married to her.

Other Adaptations

Barry and Iris were together in the first episode of the 1990's The Flash TV series, before breaking up due to differences of where they wanted to take their relationship (Barry proposed, but Iris moved away).

Barry and Iris appeared together in two DCAOM films: Justice League: The New Frontier and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. In The New Frontier, Barry and Iris appear to be together and Iris knows his identity as The Flash. In The Flashpoint Paradox, Barry and Iris are originally married, but by going back in time to save his mother, he loses Iris (she ends up married to someone else). Barry eventually restores the timeline, and they are reunited.

Barry and Iris were previously together in the Injustice: Gods Amongst Men storyline, but broke up due to Barry joining Superman's side.


While the pairing was always canon in the comics, Barry/Iris was a fairly rare pairing until the CW's The Flash series, which quickly became one of the most popular pairings for the fandom.[1]

Young Justice

Barry/Iris in the Young Justice is very rare in producing fanworks dedicated solely to them. They often appear as a background pairing or secondary characters in Wally West and/or Bart Allen fanworks.


The Barry/Iris fandom termed their pairing name WestAllen, grouping Iris' and Barry's last names together.[2][3] It is the second most popular ship in this fandom and the most popular het pairing.

Domestic fics often build heavily on their comics backstory, with Future fics depicting Barry and Iris married before their relationship became canon. Established relationship fics were also very common, appearing within a month of the series premiere.

The poly ships of Barry/Eddie/Iris and Barry/Iris/Leonard also appear.

There has been some tension between Westallen fans and fans of other ships within this fandom. See Westallen vs. Snowbarry


Fan Art



Young Justice



  • That Mood Indigo by gnimaerd, Iris is a waitress and aspiring novelist, Barry is her favourite customer. Anything else between them would be illegal. But in the face of overwhelming prejudice against her, Iris dares to dream, and write, and fall in love. (1940s AU)
  • The Scientist and the Storyteller by MirrorKing96, Barry Allen is a CSI working to free his father. Iris West is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist with a secret. What happens when they have to work on an article about the mysterious Dr Harrison Wells and his Particle Accelerator and slowly discover they've secretly known each other their whole lives? (AU)
  • Worlds Apart by SilverGlimmers, When Barry closes the singularity he ends up in a whole new universe. Barry must deal with alternate versions of Iris, Oliver, Harrison and even himself if he wants to make it home. Back in Central City, Iris and the others try to hold the city together without him as they try to come to terms with the events of the season 1 finale.
  • A Lie, Told Often Enough by Jade4813, Iris just landed her dream job at a PR firm and her first assignment is reforming the bad boy image of celebrity artist Barry Allen. He’s overly cocky and well-known for being a playboy, but Iris has never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. (AU)
  • Questions I Have for a Sinner Like Me by Cee693, Barry and Iris and a Spy Agency (AU)
  • Absolution In You by HeroSavesPeople, When Barry meets Iris under unusual circumstances, he never would have imagined just how tangled in her he would become. He wasn't supposed to fall for her. It wasn't supposed to be like this. But the fates had a twisted sense of humor, it seemed and here he was... (AU)

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