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Name: Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West
Occupation: adventurer, Mechanic for the KCPD
Relationships: Frances Kane, Tina McGee, Connie Noleski, Linda Park (wife, comics), Artemis Crock (girlfriend, YJ)
Fandom: DC Comics, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (DC Animated Universe), Teen Titans, Young Justice, The Flash (CW)
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Wally West is a DC Comics character and started out as the sidekick of the Flash, Barry Allen, and as such was the first character to take the Kid Flash name. He later follows in Barry’s footsteps and takes on the Flash identity.


He is a founding member of the Teen Titans and later as Flash also joins the Justice League.

He was the Flash in the DC Animated Universe and is a main character in the Young Justice cartoon.

The character has been rebooted in the New 52 continuity as African American, undergoing considerable changes in backstory to fit in the new universe.

In the CW's The Flash television series, Wally first appears in the second season[1] and is the younger brother to Iris West and son of Joe West. He has a similar background as the New 52 Wally. This is different then the original backstory of Wally in the comics where he was the nephew of the existing Flash character's girlfriend and later wife, Iris West.


Reactions to his absence in the New 52

Reactions to his appearance in the New 52

Common Tropes & Themes


In the fandom surrounding the DC Animated Universe he is most often paired with Bruce Wayne. He was also shipped with the other main characters such as Shayera Hol. A fairly rare pairing is Wally/Kara.

In Young Justice the main pairing are with his teammates Artemis Crock and Dick Grayson (BirdFlash) (who is also one of his best friends in pre-Flashpoint comics continuity).

So far in the Arrowverse, Wally has been shipped with Jesse Wells, Linda Park (his comicsverse girlfriend/wife), and Iris West.







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  1. ^ The Flash (CW) Season 2 Episode 9 "Running to Stand Still" first appearance, although was mentioned (unnamed) in an earlier episode.