Jesse Wells

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Name: Jesse Chambers Wells
Relationships: Wally West (love interest), Harrison Wells (father), unnamed mother
Fandom: The Flash (CW) (Arrowverse)
Other: Portrayed by Violett Beane.
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Jesse Wells is a Flash recurring character based on the comic book character Jesse Quick.


Jesse Well is the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2. She held captive by Zoom, to ensure her father would betray The Flash. After her rescue, Jesse joined her father on Earth-1, where she was struck by the Star Labs particle accelerator, becoming a speedster like The Flash. She helped Team Flash, fight Zoom and other metahumans, taking her comic book name Jesse Quick as an alias.

She lived on Earth-3 while Jay Garrick was trapped in the Speed Force, taking up the Flash mantle in his place. When Jay was released, Jesse returned to her home, Earth-2 and continued to fight crime.

Jesse was in a relationship with fellow speedster Wally West aka Kid Flash, but she broke up with him at the start of Flash season 3.



The main ship for Jesse in the Arrowverse is with her canon love interest: Wally West (see Jesse/Wally). Any other pairings are rare: Jesse/Hunter Zoloman, Jesse/Lisa Snart, Jesse/Linda Park and Jesse/Harrison Wells.


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