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Synonyms: Barrier[1], Arrow/Flash, Arrowverse, Flarrowverse, Legends of Flarrow
See also: Arrow (TV), The Flash (CW), Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen (CW), NBC's Constantine, Supergirl, List of DC Comics Universes
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Flarrow is a fanon glossary term to represent the Arrow and The Flash universe as early as June 2014[1]. Although the fandom overall hadn't agreed on the name of the universe until the actual crossover episodes between Flash[2] and Arrow[3], fans started using the tag and term more consistently after the episodes aired.

"Legends of Flarrow" is used to apply to the crossover between Arrow, Flash, and their spin-off Legends of Tomorrow. "Superflash" is for the crossover for Flash and CBS's Supergirl. "Superflarrow" is for the crossover for Arrow, Flash and Supergirl. "Legends of Superflarrow" has been used to describe the crossover between Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. With Supergirl joining the CW network for Fall 2016, there will be more official crossovers between the various series.

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