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Name: Black Lightning
Abbreviation(s): BL
Creator: Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, based on Characters from DC Comics
Date(s): May 2017[1]-present
Medium: live-action TV series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official Site, official Twitter Wikipedia, IMDB
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Black Lightning is a CW live-action television series set to focus on the DC Comics character Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning and his family.


"Jefferson Pierce, who retired from his superhero persona Black Lightning nine years ago, is forced to return when his daughter Jennifer, who is hellbent on justice and a star student, gets recruited by a local gang."[2]

Main Characters

Recurring Characters


After the CW released a first look trailer,[3] excitement[4] for the series appeared on various media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. There were some mixed reviews because it wasn't a live-action Static TV series (a well known black superhero character due to the Static Shock animated series being the first introduction to the character for most fans),[5] the fear that the show sounds too good to be true (the main cast being POC, an established comicsverse lesbian character with Anissa Pierce),[6] and that it would not be part of the Arrowverse and others are happy that it will not be part of it.[7] Gifs/Gifsets and reblogs of the first look and poster appeared within days of the release of the video.

The series was proposed to Fox first and is not part of the Arrowverse, however due to Fox selling it to the CW, it's quite possible the series could eventually be apart of it much like Supergirl[8] although it will not be part of the next four-way DC crossover.[9][10][11] References to two characters from the Arrowverse, Supergirl and Vixen[12] in an episode of season one, executive producer Salim Akil says the lines were not meant to indicate they were in same universe, but just a "fun reference" for fans of the DC Universe and "If there’s ever a crossover, Supergirl will come to Freeland, or Green Arrow will come to Freeland.” [13]

A tumblr blog for the fandom, Daily Black Lightning was established in May 2017.


The two most popular characters are canon femslash pairing Grace Choi/Anissa Pierce ("Thundergrace") and the canon het pairing Jefferson Pierce/Lynn Pierce. Other femslash pairings also started appearing, for example Anissa Pierce/Chenoa and Anissa Pierce/Iris West (in crossovers with the Arrowverse).

Gen fanworks are also fairly common within the fandom, mostly dealing with the Pierce family.


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Black Lightning