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Name: Static Shock
Abbreviation(s): SS
Creator: Dwayne McDuffie
Date(s): 2000-2004
Medium: cartoon
Country of Origin: United States
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Static Shock was a Kids' WB Saturday morning superhero cartoon, set nominally in the DC Animated Universe, based on Milestone Comic's Static comic books.


The cartoon lightened the original comic book to make it more child-friendly, and in the doing made it more slashable, by giving the titular teen hero Static a best friend/sidekick/partner.

The series never was very popular, but a small fanbase was established online, much of it developing after the show went off the air. The major livejournal comm The Gas Station was created in April 2004, and the majority of the fic on was posted then or later. Static Shock also inspires a fair amount of fanart, though there is no single community dedicated to it.

The most popular pairing is Virgil/Richie (aka Static/Gear), often called V/R or just VR. The pairing gets particular notice among fans because the Static comic character whom Richie was based on was canonically gay, and series creator Dwayne McDuffie confirmed that Richie was intended to be as well: "It'll never come up in the show because it's Y-7 but as far as I'm concerned, Richie is gay."[1]

Other slash pairings include the enemyslash of Virgil/Francis (Static/Hotstreak) and Richie/Francis. There are a few canonical or canonically suggested het ships (Adam/Sharon, Virgil/Daisy) but these do not tend to see as much fic production (though Adam/Sharon is a fairly common background pairing, especially married-with-children in futurefic). While some fans find the prevalence of slash frustrating[2] most of the fic and art continues to be slash.

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