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Synonyms: Mutant aliens, Mutant
See also: DC Comics, Static Shock, Smallville, Mutant (trope)
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A metahuman is a superhuman, a human with extraordinary and unusual capabilities that usually appears as superpowers. However it can refer to anyone with extra-normal powers, no matter the origins (such as Wonder Woman who is nearly a goddess and Superman who is an alien) and including those not born with such power.

It is most common term to be found in the DC Comics universe are on Static Shock and Birds of Prey television shows, Smallville in canon used the term "meteor freaks" (due to most of the earlier characters being mutated by kryptonite), however the term metahumans became popular in fanon due to the above shows and comics. CW's The Flash canonically uses the term metahuman toward anyone that gained special abilities from the advanced particle accelerator blast.