Freedom Fighters: The Ray

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Name: Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Abbreviation(s): FFTR
Creator: Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim
Based on Ray Terrill by Jack C. Harris & Joe Quesada
Date(s): December 8, 2017 – July 18, 2018
Medium: web series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia, Official Site, IMDB
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Freedom Fighters: The Ray is a CW Seed web series based on the character Ray Terrill (aka The Ray) and is apart of the Arrowverse set mostly on Earth-X while also partly taking place on Earth-1.


"Ray Terrill is a lawyer who discovers a doppelganger of himself from another Earth. The man disappears, and gives him light-based powers, and he is recruited to join the Freedom Fighters."

Russel Tovey appeared as The Ray in "Crisis on Earth-X" in November 2017, the Arrowverse crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Additional concepts and characters from Freedom Fighters were featured in the crossover and vice versa.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters


Much like Vixen fandom section of the Arrowverse, Freedom Fighters: The Ray fandom is fairly small, with only a handful of fanworks located at AO3 and some fannish content on its tags at Tumblr. Most of the fandom seems to stem around the events of the crossover event of "Crisis on Earth-X". However fans were very mixed on the concept of Earth-X, where Nazi's had won World War II where several of the characters creators were Jewish or some characters that are Jewish. Many fans had been initially excited for a main character that would be gay,[1] however others were turned off again for the concept it will be on the alternate universe that Nazis had won.[2]

"Me @people: the entire premise of the Team is literally right there on the tin

It’s not like they’re making the “heroes” Nazis just for kicks, and they’re not making the mainverse heroes Nazis. It’s literally an alternate universe. They’re from Earth-10. They used this origin story in the 70s. They used it after 52 in 2006. They used it in the New 52 reboot and Multiversity. They used it in Convergence when they did the Plastic-Man and the Freedom Fighters mini. This isn’t new. It’s not for ‘shock value’. It’s literally just their origin story and what they do. CW doing the show means that the “Nazi-ified heroes” have to be ones they’re licensed to use….so Supergirl, Flash, Green Arrow, etc.
Also @that one person going “in what world would Supergirl be a Nazi”; an alternate universe. One of the most famous and well-received Superman stories of all time is Red Son, an AU where Clark dropped into Communist Russia and was raised there instead of Kansas and became an agent of the Russian government. It’s why concepts like the Crime Syndicate, Owlman, the Justice Lords (of the JL cartoon), Earth-3, JLA: The Nail, and the Flashpoint universe (where you have an evil Wonder Woman who has conquered the British Isles and evil Aquaman whose Atlanteans sunk the rest of Europe) exist. It’s an AU; our versions of the characters would never do that, and we know that. That’s the whole point of an AU. It’s called the DC Multiverse for a reason.

#the cw #supergirl #dc comics #the ray #dc meta #I don't understand why people can understand the concept of an AU in [[fanfic]] #but seem utterly incapable of dealing with AUs when faced with the reality that comics has [[canon AUs]] #it's called the MULTIVERSE for a reason"[3]



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