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Name: Oliver Jonas Queen
Occupation: Vigilante

Imprisoned for vigilantism
Mayor of Star City
CEO of Queen Consolidated
Club owner of "Verdant"
Relationships: Felicity Smoak
Nyssa al Ghul
(legal ex-wife)

Thea Queen
(maternal half-sister)
William Clayton
Moira Queen
Robert Queen
Walter Steele
(former step-father)
Fandom: Arrow, The Flash (CW), Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen (CW)
Other: Portrayed by Stephen Amell.
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Oliver Queen also known as The Arrow is one of the main characters from Arrow and is based off the comic book character of the same name.


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Canon Relationships

Before the series start, Oliver was in a (an off and on again) relationship with Laurel Lance despite the fact that he cheated on her with several other women. Afraid of the commitment Laurel preposed for them, Oliver decided to demolish their relationship by bringing Laurel's younger sister, Sara Lance (whom he knew had a crush on him) with him on a boat trip with his father and started sleeping with her. In Season 1, besides Helena Bertinelli, Oliver briefly dated Detective McKenna Hall, who was also an old friend of his from before the island. Also revealed in Season 1, Oliver started a brief relationship with Shado before her death[2], much to the heartbreak of Slade Wilson.

In Season 2, Oliver sleeps with Isabel Rochev[3] and he then starts up a relationship with Sara Lance[4] after her return to the series. In spite of Oliver's general fear of opening up to and becoming close to someone, he goes all in with Sara, unafraid of commitment in every way, including moving in together (which he suggests). However, Sara ends it, feeling that she and Oliver are in two different states of minds: Oliver is letting go of his darkness while Sara still struggling with hers due to her work with the League of Assassins and she wants Oliver to live in the light[1]. Also in Season 2 it is revealed that Oliver had an affair with a woman, Samantha Clayton, before the island while he was with Laurel, which led to a child - although he's unaware that the child is actually alive, as Moira told him the Samantha lost the baby.

At the end of the season 2, Oliver admits to Felicity Smoak that he loves her. Although done to set a trap for Slade Wilson, it is revealed to be true in early Season 3. Oliver asks her out on a date and admits to loving her, however he doesn't want to put her in any more danger than she is already due to working for the team so he keeps them from being together. They get engaged in Season 4, but Felicity ends it, feeling Oliver doesn't let her in (re: William). They stay team mates and friends in Season 5, while Oliver dates a reporter, Susan Williams. Oliver and Felicity get back together in Season 6 and marry in the Crisis On Earth-X crossover, with Felicity becoming William's stepmother, as William's mother died on Lian Yu. Oliver is imprisoned for being a vigilante at the end of the season and seperated from his family.


As the main character in the television series, the character remains one of most popular characters on the show. Due to the difference in how this Oliver Queen is portrayed than how it was in Smallville (See Oliver Queen (Smallville)) or even the Green Arrow comics (See Oliver Queen), many of his quirks and personality traits have become treasured by fans of the series and character. His canon manpain is often in discussions, which the series dishes out quite a bit through out the episodes.

He is considered the leader of Team Arrow.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Alternate Universes, such as No Island AU or Pre-Island AU.
  • Angst is very large element/theme throughout stories that focus on Oliver, due to his experiences on the island and since he came back.
  • Oliver & the Salmon Ladder, often considered fanservice on the series - Oliver generally makes an appearance in various fanworks working out on his Salmon Ladder in the Arrowcave.
  • Oliver & his Child - Since it was revealed his mother paid off a woman he got pregnant to leave Starling City and leave Oliver alone (and telling him she lost the baby) when he was 22[1], many fans take this to be a hint that the child is Connor Hawke (and a possible Season 3 storyline) who is Oliver's real son in the comicsverse. However the child and the mother's names remain unknown to the audience, although that doesn't stop a lot of stories to pop up with it as the main plot. Oliver's son name, William, is revealed in the Flarrow crossover episodes[5]
  • Bratva stories focusing on Oliver's role as a Captain in the Bratva.


The main canon het pairings in the fandom are Oliver/Laurel Lance, Oliver/Sara Lance and Oliver/Helena Bertinelli. Laurel/Oliver was popular since before the premiere, and is still fairly common to find, although many fans found themselves liking other ships more. Helena/Oliver came after Helena's first appearance on the series[6], where Oliver and Helena grew close after meeting and started a relationship that ended due to the two different paths they were on (Helena bent on revenge against her father and Oliver stopping her from that). Oliver/Sara is a common background pairing, usually to represent their past relationship together. Rare canon pairings are: Oliver/Shado, Oliver/McKenna Hall, and Oliver/Isabel Rochev.

In het fanon, the pairing of Oliver/Felicity Smoak is by far the most popular, which was canonized in the 3rd season. The het incest pairing of Oliver/Thea Queen is fairly common.

Popular slash pairings are Oliver/Barry Allen, Oliver/John Diggle, Oliver/Tommy Merlyn, Oliver/Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver/Slade Wilson. Other rarer slash pairings are Oliver/Roy Harper and Oliver/Quentin Lance.

The threesomes of Oliver/Felicity/Diggle and Oliver/Felicity/Sara are common.


For more pairing names see List of Arrowverse Relationship Names.


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