Moira Queen

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Name: Moira Queen
Moira Dearden Queen (Arrow)
Laura Queen (Smallville)
Occupation: in Arrow: Businesswoman, Mayoral Candidate, former Acting CEO of Queen Consolidated
Location: Star City (comics); Starling City (Arrow)
Status: mostly dead depending on universe
Relationships: Comics:
wife to Robert Queen;
mother to Oliver Queen;
wife to Robert Queen;
mother to Oliver Queen;
mother-in-law to Chloe Sullivan;
unnamed grandson;
widower of Robert Queen;
ex-wife of Walter Steele;
mother to Oliver Queen and Thea Queen;
ex-friend/past affair with Malcolm Merlyn
Fandom: Green Arrow, Arrow (TV), Smallville
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Moira Queen is a character in the DC Comics.

Canon Overview


Moira's life would tragically be cut short while on a family trip to Africa where a pride of lions killed her and Robert, in front of Ollie's eyes. This event would prove pivotal in Ollie creating the mantle of Green Arrow. In the New 52, Moira Queen appears during the Zero Year storyline and learns that her son is alive.


In the Smallville universe, her name is Laura Queen although it had been originally Moira in Oliver Queen Chronicles it was later changed for unknown reasons. (Possibly to show difference between her and Moira Sullivan)

Laura and her husband were part of the Veritas Society before their death. She and her husband Robert died when their plane was sabotaged after they opposed Lionel Luthor's wish to control the Traveler in 1989, leaving their son an orphan. Their plane crash happened on the same island Oliver Queen was later stranded on.


In the Arrow universe, she is portrayed by Susanna Thompson. Moira is still alive while her husband is the one that had died during boating trip that he took with their son, Oliver. During the five years Oliver was stranded on an island, she became the new acting CEO of Queen Consolidated and later married Walter Steele. After her son's return, it's revealed she was behind destroying The Glades, a neighborhood in Starling, with Malcolm Merlyn. However its against the threat of her family she's apart of the plans to begin with. She warns people against the man-made earthquake which Malcolm set off leading to deaths to hundreds of families. She's put in prison and later on trial where she was found not guilty (due to Malcolm's influences). Moira is later started to campaign for mayor of Starling City[1].

In season 2 it was later revealed that she had a past affair with Malcolm Merlyn, which than led to Thea Queen being born. Felicity Smoak learns the truth and tells her to tell Oliver, however Moira refuses and tells Felicity not to tell Oliver due to Ollie would hate her[2]. Despite this, Felicity tells Oliver who promises that he wasn't going to leave her. After Oliver learns the truth about the lie, he breaks ties with Moira except when in the company of Thea[3].

Moira is later seen with Slade Wilson, an old friend-turned-into-enemy of Oliver (this she doesn't know, all she knows is he's helping her with her campaign). After it was revealed that Slade kidnapped Thea, Thea learns the truth about her paternity which causes her to hate her mother and also her brother who had hid the truth from her. Thea cut most of the ties with them because of it, mostly because of all the lies. Moira reveals to Oliver that she knew all about secret identity and that she was proud of him; also in a flashback to the pre-series, it's revealed that Oliver got a girl pregnant - Moira convinces the girl to leave town and tell Oliver that she lost the baby. Slade eventually kidnaps Oliver, Thea, and Moira after a campaign speech. Slade makes him choose between his mother or his sister, however Oliver refuses to pick them and picks himself. Slade doesn't take that offer, wanting him to suffer and was going to kill them anyway. Moira, however, stands up to Slade and sacrifices herself for her children.


Moira Queen fandom is still relatively small due to the canon death she has in the comics and generally any Green Arrow-related universe.

Although due to the character still being alive in the Arrow fandom, she has received a bump in fanworks especially in fanfiction. She is often a minor character in those works (although not always tagged on AO3). Tumblr has gifs and picspams focusing around her (usually with Thea, Oliver, or Malcolm or grouped with the women of Arrow). The Arrow fandom exploded after Moira's death with gifs and vids of the scene was often posted and reblogged.

In the Smallville fandom, her role in the fandom was lower due to her death prior to the series, but she is often the inspiration to name Chlollie kids after her (although this is sometimes mixed with Moira Sullivan who shares her original first name in the comics).


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  • No Matter What by shannyfish, This takes place after "Heir to the Demon". Moira Queen is not to be crossed, especially when it comes to her children. Felicity finds out just how dangerous she is...the hard way. (mainly Olicity)

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