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Name: Moira Sullivan
Occupation: patient
Relationships: sister to Ella Lane (deceased); sister-in-law to General Sam Lane; ex-wife to Gabe Sullivan; mother to Chloe Sullivan; unnamed grandson; aunt to Lois Lane and Lucy Lane; mother-in-law to Jimmy Olsen (deceased) and Oliver Queen
Fandom: Smallville
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Moira Sullivan is a metahuman character from the Smallville fandom.

Moira was played by two different actresses. In the Season 5 episode Tomb, Moira was portrayed by an uncredited blond woman, whose face is not shown. In the Season 6 episode Progeny, Moira was portrayed by Lynda Carter who is better known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman.

Canon Overview

Moira Sullivan is the mother of Chloe Sullivan. At some point in the past Moira and Chloe was exposed to and infected by the meteor rocks of Smallville, or when she began to display powers. Moira first left her family when Chloe Sullivan was five, eventually divorcing Gabe Sullivan. In 1995, when Chloe was eight, she realized that she had the power to telepathically control Chloe. Due to what she unknowingly done to Chloe, Moira voluntarily committed herself in order to protect Chloe from her.

Chloe later learns where her mother has been the whole time, and later admits it to Clark. In Season 5, Chloe finally visits her mother in a mental institution at Clark Kent's insistence after dealing with doubts on her own mental illness.[1]

Eventually, Lex Luthor found her and used her against Chloe. Instead, Moira alerted Chloe of her captivity. During a rescue attempt, Lex captured Chloe and locked her up with Moira, where she learns who was behind mind controlling. Chloe tries to escape with Moira, which later after rescuing them Clark took Moira and Chloe to Queen Tower for safety. While Chloe left to secure a permanent safe place for her, Moira revealed that the drug only works for twenty-four hours. As she slipped back into her catatonia, Clark told her all about her daughter's accomplishments. After Chloe returned, she begged her mother to make a deal with Lex for the drug, but Moira refused. Minutes later she relapsed into her catatonic state.

With the help of her friend Oliver Queen, Chloe transferred her to a safer facility in Oliver's town, Star City.

Two years later, it was revealed that LuthorCorp had saved a piece of Moira's spinal fluid and made it into an injectable serum. It was used against Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen.


The Moira Sullivan fanon is small compared to other characters in the show but due to her being in two episodes canonically, it's not really surprising. Moira is usually used a secondary character in order to help Chloe's storyline in fics.





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