Lucy Lane

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Name: Lucy Lane
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Location: Metropolis
Status: alive
Relationships: Lois Lane (sister), Ella Lane (mother), Sam Lane (father)
Fandom: DC Comics, Smallville, Supergirl (TV series)
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Lucy Lane is a DC Comics character. She is the younger sister of Lois Lane, and one of several characters who have assumed the Superwoman identity.



Lucy Lane first appeared in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #36 (1959)

Lucy Lane is the younger sister of Lois Lane, the daughter of Ella Lane and General Sam Lane. Formerly an airline stewardess, she has been romantically involved with Jimmy Olsen and later joined the military. During Superman: New Krypton she joined her father as a member of Project 7734 and used an experimental procedure to duplicate Kryptonian-like powers, becoming the ruthlessly evil Superwoman. --Lucy Lane at DC Comics Database


Lucy showed up in Smallville with a story about how she had got in with the wrong crowd, ran up her credit cards, and now owed a loan shark $50,000. After Clark went to Lex for help, Lex seized the opportunity to apprehend Becker, who happened to be an old business acquaintance. But while exchanging the money, Becker pistol-whipped Lex and kidnapped Lois and (seemingly) Lucy as well. However, Lois and Clark realized at the same time that Lucy was using them all. Lucy got away with Lex's money and went into hiding.[1]

Supergirl (TV Series)

Major Lucy Lane is a military officer in the U.S. Army's JAG Corps. She is the second daughter of Sam Lane and the younger sister of Lois Lane. After J'onn J'onzz's identity was exposed, Lucy was named Director of the D.E.O. until the Martian received a presidential pardon and was re-instated to said position.[2]


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