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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the fan loislane11228.
Name: Lois Lane
Occupation: Journalist
Relationships: Clark Kent (husband, Superman)
General Lane (father)
Lucy Lane (sister)
Jimmy Olsen (friend/co-worker)
Fandom: Superman
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Lois Lane is a fictional character from the DC Comics universe and is primary known as an love interest to Superman/Clark Kent. She has appeared in many DC properties across various media over the last seventy years.



Lois appeared in the first issue of Action Comics in June 1938. Although there is some variation, the basic story elements remain the same, Lois works as a reporter at the Daily Planet, she becomes a colleague and friend to Clark Kent. She begins a romantic relationship with either Superman or Clark Kent, and then at some point he reveals the fact that he is the same person. In some later comics Clark and Lois marry, and have a son, Jon Kent.

Superman Movies

Lois and Clark and become colleagues and friends while working at the Daily Planet. Over the course of the films Lois begins to suspect that Clark and Superman are the same person, until she eventually pushes Clark to admit his secret identity.

Lois & Clark

Lois was portrayed as an extremely driven reporter with various insecurity issues. Lois and Clark began as rivals but became attracted to each other and eventually married. There was a long (and extremely unpopular) amnesia arc used to delay the wedding. At one point Lois acquired Clark's powers and very briefly became the superheroine Ultrawoman.

DC Animated Universe

Lois' story in the DCAU is pretty closely related to comics, she works at the Daily Planet, and her and Clark become colleagues and friends. The two largest differences are, that at one point is Lois dates Bruce Wayne for awhile, and learns his secret identity, before they break up, and two, even though Superman and Lois begin a romantic relationship it is never made clear whether in the later films if Superman has revealed the fact that he is also Clark Kent.




Lois Lane has only been mentioned or referred to in the Supergirl series as a Daily Planet reporter and the girlfriend of Clark Kent. Her sister, Lucy Lane, and father, General Lane, have appeared in the TV series.

Superman & Lois

Takes place at a later point when Lois and Clark have been married for several years and they return to Smallville with their teenage twin sons, Jordan and Jonathan.

DC Extended Universe

Lois Lane first appeared in Man of Steel portrayed by Amy Adams. By the end of the film she and Clark Kent are together. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they are living together. Lois appeared in the Justice League film.


Aside from comics fandom her primary fannish incarnations are from the shows Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Smallville.


The most poualr pairing for Lois is Clark Kent/Lois Lane, her canonical love interest. Her other common het pairings are with Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne. There is a very small amount of femslash works featuring Lois, with the most common pairings being with Lana Lang, Selina Kyle, and Tess Mercer, a character from Smallville.




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