Lois Lane (Smallville)

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Name: Lois Lane
Occupation: Reporter,
formerly: student
Relationships: General Sam Lane and Ella Lane (parents);
Lucy Lane (sister);
Chloe Sullivan (cousin);
Fiancé Clark Kent; Jimmy Olsen (friend/co-worker); Tess Mercer (frenemy)
Fandom: Smallville
Other: Portrayed by Erica Durance
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Lois Lane is a main character on the television show Smallville.

Canon Overview

Lois Lane first appeared in Season 4, showing up in Smallville to find her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, who at the time was thought to be dead.

Lois Lane briefly dated Oliver Queen, Arthur "A.C." Curry, and Grant Gabriel. In Season 9, she started dating Clark Kent and was engaged to him in the next season. In the alternate Earth-2 universe, where Clark had been adopted by the Luthors, Lois was engaged and later married Oliver Queen before his death.


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Common Tropes and Themes


Lois Lane's popular pairings include the iconic Clois (Lois/Clark) and Lollie (Lois/Oliver). She has also been shipped with her other canon relationships: Lois/A.C. and Lois/Grant. There is rarely any incestuous pairing of Lois/Chloe.

Crossover pairings also appeared, for example Lois/Bruce.

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