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Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane
Alternative name(s): Batman/Lois Lane, Batlane, Brois
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Batman/Superman (DC Comics)
Canonical?: Canon in some universe, noncanon in others
Prevalence: common
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Bruce/Lois is the pairing of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Lois Lane from the DC Comics.


In Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane Issue #89 (1969), an "imaginary" story where Lois breaks it off with Superman and ends up marrying Bruce Wayne, after the marriage she learns he's Batman. Later in the issue it's shown that they have a son named Bruce Jr[1].

In an Elseworld titled "Speeding Bullets" (1990s), it was an What if? story of Kal-El landing in Gotham City instead of Smallville and thus became Bruce Wayne/Batman[2]. In Justice League of America "Crime Syndicate" arc: Owlman, the counterpart of Batman, and Superwoman, the counterpart of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, continues an open affair with Owlman despite being with Superman.

Lois and Bruce had a brief flirtation in the DCAU.


Lois and Bruce had a flirtation in the DCAU that some fans enjoyed.

When The Dark Knight was released and Smallville was still airing, the pairing of Lois/Bruce appeared frequently in the in the crossovers between the two fandoms. Fans often referred to the pairing as "Brois". Fandom for the pairing mostly appeared on LiveJournal with at least two communities created for it. Fanworks that were mostly popular at the time were manips of the two characters together. Fanfiction started appearing on Archive of Our Own in 2008.

Bruce/Lois pairing also started to appear in the Batman v Superman fandom. The pairing name "Batlane" started to appear on Tumblr.

It is often expanded into the threesome of Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne.


Fan Fics

  • Third Wheel by Unpretty. Bruce/Lois and Clark/Lois "It isn't quite a love triangle. For one thing, Clark's the only one romantic enough to even think the word 'love'. For another, Clark and Bruce would be beating the holy hell out of each other even without Lois' involvement."
  • The Five Stages by Brenda. DCEU "Seven months after Clark's death, Lois is still struggling to move on. (Or: Bruce and Lois and the start of a beautiful friendship.)"


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