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Name: DC Animated Universe, Timmverse
Abbreviation(s): DCAU
Creator: Bruce Timm
Date(s): 1992-2006
Medium: tv, comics
Country of Origin: USA
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The DC Animated Universe aka Timmverse refers to the DC continuity that consists of a number of properties.

TV Series

Feature Length Films

Short Film

Web Cartoons

  • Gotham Girls (2000-2002): A Macromedia Flash web cartoon series, this was downloadable from the WB website, and featured DCAU versions of characters voiced by their original actors. A DC Comics miniseries inspired by the web series was released in 2004. All three seasons of Gotham Girls were released on the Birds of Prey DVD box set in 2008.
  • Lobo (2000)

Comic Books

A number of comic tie-ins were created that were set in the DCAU. Their canonicity is disputable.

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Video Games

Additionally, a number of video games set in the same universe were created.

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Character Adaptations

A number of characters originally appeared in the DCAU which were then imported into the main DC comics universe due to their popularity. Many of these characters are now considered by fans to be staples of the main universe comics.


Not part of this continuity are the Teen Titans cartoon, The Batman cartoon, the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon, the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon, the Young Justice cartoon or the Green Lantern: TAS cartoon. Also not part of the universe are the DC Universe Animated Original Movies that have been produced yearly since Superman: Doomsday (2007).

The DCAU is appealing to fans because the canon is rich, yet still fairly limited compared to the sprawling mess that is the main comic continuity. Although they aired over nearly fifteen years, the characters and relationships managed to stay remarkably integrated.


The most popular pairings in this universe are:

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