Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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Name: Batman: Brave and the Bold
Abbreviation(s): Brave and the Bold, BBatB
Creator: James Tucker, Michael Jelenic
Date(s): November 14, 2008 - November 18, 2011.
Medium: Animated TV show
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: IMDB Page Official DC comics page for the series
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Batman: Brave and the Bold is a lighthearted adaptation of the comic of the same name (The Brave and the Bold) about the titular character, Batman, teaming up with a variety of different characters of the DC Universe.

Compared to other DC animated shows, more emphasis was placed on, as the creators state themselves "[shining] a light on some lesser known DC characters who might not require a full episode." [1] and thus more of the team-ups with Batman and other characters, the other characters would vary from episode to episode and revolve around characters not usually explored in typical DC media.


Brave and the Bold focuses on stand-alone stories for episodes as it doesn't have an overarching story. Episodes will typically start with a cold open, introducing the character for the episode. Generally the show has lighter, more humorous content while still tackling some of the more serious aspects of the universe and events that take place.

Want to know how to make the deaths of Bruce's parents even more depressing? They were gunned down on Christmas in this continuity, after Bruce threw a tantrum over getting a family heirloom of his dad's rather than the Zorro figure he wanted; just knowing he was unwittingly ruining his last ever Christmas with his parents would be tear jerker enough, but the second flashback reveals that the Waynes only went to the movies that night because they were trying to cheer Bruce up about the gift. (Batman: Brave and the Bold TV Tropes page)

It received a Scooby-Doo Crossover movie in 2018, the first movie and the last movie after the series ended.


As of June 2020, there are less than 200 works combined on both and Archive Of Our Own. This inactivity is reflected on other sites too. While assumed to be fairly active (given the wiki changes over the years), the last Wikia blog post for Brave and the Bold was early 2018, and there isn't too much discussion on the series since then. This is likely because of the series ending in 2011, giving not much more room for content for the show.