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Name: Teen Titans
Teen Titans Go!
Abbreviation(s): TT, TTG!
Creator: Glen Murakami
Date(s): July 19, 2003 – January 16, 2006 (TV Series);
January 2004 – July 2008 (TTG! Comics);
April 23, 2013 – present (TTG! TV Series)
Medium: cartoon, tie-in comics
Country of Origin: USA
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Teen Titans is an American cartoon based on the DC Comic of the same name that premiered on Cartoon Network.

It is not in the same continuity as the Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe (aka Timmverse).


Originally the show focused on the original team, which consisted of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, who fought crime and worked as a team in Jump City where their headquarters was located at. Their major villain was Slade, and then later the H.I.V.E. Five. In the later seasons, the series started expanding the Teen Titans team, first with Aqualad and Terra and later including Speedy, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, etc.

The series lasted for five seasons with 65 episodes which was then followed by the film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, it also includes the tie-in comic series that goes by the name Teen Titans Go! (which comes the popular catchphrase in the series). Although the series was cancelled, it then gained a spin-off series titled "Teen Titans Go!" with no continuity to the previous series, although it focuses on the same characters.


Main Characters:

Titans East:

Reoccuring Villians:

List of Minor Characters In Teen Titans


During the height of the fandom (mainly during the show's years run), the fandom was mainly located on Fanfiction.net and Livejournal, as well as a few fansites.


Many Teen titans fans are into shipping. For shipping names the fandom usually just shortened the characters names and smooched them together such as RaeRob for Raven/Robin.

The most poular Teen titans couples are Robin/Starfire, Beast Boy/Raven, Beast Boy/Terra, Robin/Raven, Kid Flash/Jinx, and Cyborg/Bumblebee. Other ships such as Beast Boy/Starfire, Aqualad/Raven, and Cyborg/Jinx exist but they aren't the most popular ships in the fandom. Slade/Dick is another somewhat common hero/villain pairing, and fanworks for this series tend to focus on the apprentice arc.

Although there's many different ships in Teen Titans fandom including several crack pairings. However only a few ships in Teen Titans became canon but however not all TT fans supported the canon ships. The three canon ships in Teen Titans are Robin/Starfire, Beast Boy/Terra, and Kid Flash/Jinx.









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