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Pairing: Beast Boy/Terra
Garfield Logan/Tara Markov
Alternative name(s): BBTerra
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Teen Titans, Teen Titans (TV Series), DC Universe Animated Original Movies
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: rare
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Beast Boy/Terra is a het pairing within the Teen Titans fandom (both the comics and animated versions).



2003 Animated Series

Beast Boy/Terra is a canon ship in season 2 of the 2003 TV show. Terra (Teen Titans) first appears in episode 2.03 "Terra," in which Beast Boy expresses an immediate interest in her and they bond while skipping rocks outside of Titans Tower. Although their growing relationship is interrupted at the end of the episode when Terra declines to become a Teen Titan and disappears, after her return to the team later in the season, Beast Boy and Terra resume their friendship and later go on a date, which ends disastrously with Slade revealing that Terra has been a double agent for him since her return. Ultimately, Beast Boy forgives Terra in season finale "Aftershock - Part 2" when she turns on Slade and sacrifices herself to save Jump City.

Terra does not appear again until the series finale, "Things Change," where Beast Boy accidentally encounters Terra, who appears to have lost her memory of who she used to be, of being a Teen Titan, and of her past relationship with Beast Boy. Though Beast Boy does not want to accept it at first, Terra eventually convinces him that she's not the same person she once was and is not interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with him.



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