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Name: Koriand'r
Occupation: Superhero
Relationships: Komand'r (sister, rival) • Dick Grayson (friend/ally, love interest) • Beast Boy (friend/ally) • Cyborg (friend/ally) • Raven (friend/ally) • Donna Troy (friend) • Roy Harper (friend/ally, love interest) • Jason Todd (friend/ally)
Fandom: Teen Titans, Teen Titans (cartoon), DC Comics, Titans (2018 TV series)
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Koriand'r, better known as Starfire, is a main character in the superhero team, Teen Titans comics and animated series. She is an alien princess from Tamaran. She shoots fiery blasts from her hands and leaves a trail of fire behind her when she flies. She is known for incredibly skimpy outfits, which are toned down somewhat in the animated shows aimed at young teens.



Koriand'r learned to speak English by kissing Dick Grayson; her people have a talent for picking up languages through touch. (She later admitted that the kiss was not strictly necessary - she just liked him enough to do it that way.)

In 2011, when DC's "Nu 52" reboot/retcon went live, Starfire joined the series Red Hood and the Outlaws, initially consisting of her, Jason Todd, and Roy Harper--all known as rebels who were comfortable with more violence than their previous teams condoned. She was paired with Roy, with canon glossing over her previous romance with Roy's best friend by saying Tamaranians don't have much long-term memory, so she has forgotten basically everything that happened to her during her time with the Team Titans. Fandom was not happy.

The New 52 status quo was eventually retconned to reincorporate more of Kori's established characterization from before the New 52 reboot.


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Some fanworks play up the alien aspects, and imagine tensions between Tamaran and Krypton. Koriand'r is sometimes shown to distrust Superman.


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Starfire was mainly shipped with the canonical Robin, but she was also shipped with a variety of TT characters: Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Speedy, etc.

Titans (TV 2018)

Starfire is a main character in the Titans series. While the fandom remains small, she continues to be shipped with Dick Grayson.


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