Beast Boy/Raven

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Pairing: Beast Boy/Raven
Alternative name(s): BBrae
Gender category: het
Fandom: Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Titans
Canonical?: canon (comics), non-canon (cartoon)
Prevalence: popular
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Beast Boy/Raven (aka BBrae) is the pairing of Beast Boy/Garfield Logan and Raven in Teen Titans and DC Comics. It is one the most popular couples in Teen Titans.



They have an on-again-off-again relationship. They face difficulties due to Raven's personal struggles against her father, Trigon. At one point, Garfield quits the Teen Titans following his breakup with Raven and rejoins his original team, the Doom Patrol.

2003 Animated TV Series

The episode Nevermore is considered the first one to have bbrae hints, but this episode could considered to have Cyborg/Raven moments too. Beast Boy(BB) and Cyborg sneak in Raven's room and find a mirror which sucks them in Raven's mind. While in Raven's mind BB meets many other forms of Raven who laugh at his jokes, or apologizes for her actions towards him. The real Raven shows up and gets mad, but when Trigon emerges and Raven fights him she tells BB and Cy to escape or they'll be trapped in her mind forever. They help her fight instead and after winning the battle BB & Raven admit to each other that they are friends. Raven clashes with Terra, who she sees as coming between Beast Boy and his loyalty to the team. In The End Raven hugs Robin and Beast Boy.

Teen Titans Go!

The relationship is more clear, arguably canon, in the more comedic, parodic spin-off series. Beast Boy is still regularly a nuisance to Raven. In the episode "Terra-ized" Raven clashes with Terra and it is revealed that Raven is secretly interested in Beast Boy romantically. In the epidose Matched Beast Boy is convinced they are meant to become a couple in spite of their differences and makes an effort to officially win her affection, nearly marrying her in the process.

Titans (2018 TV series)


Fans of the pairing participate in a variety of fannish activities. There is fanart devoted to the couple and there are Vids centered on Beast Boy and Raven are also posted to sites such as YouTube (using the search term "beast boy/raven" on YouTube brings up 5,230 results as of Sept. 29, 2010). Fans also post fanfiction to sites such as

Titans (TV 2018)

Both Rachel Roth and Garfield Logan are main characters in the series. While the fandom remains small, they are rarely paired romantically, possibly due to the real life age of the actors.


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