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Pairing: Beast Boy/Raven
Alternative name(s): BBrae
Gender category: het
Fandom: Teen Titans
Canonical?: canon (comics), non-canon (cartoon)
Prevalence: popular
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Beast Boy/Raven (aka BBrae) is the pairing belief that Beast Boy and Raven should be a couple. Beast Boy/Raven is one the most popular couples in Teen Titans. There weren't a lot of romantic hints between the two in the tv series, though a lot of fans ship them. However in the comics they are canon. They eventually broke up but end up getting back together.


Hints to their romance in the TV show


This episode is considered the 1st one to have bbrae hints, but this episode could considered to have Cyborg/Raven moments too. Beast Boy(BB) and Cyborg want to enter Raven's room but it's looked. Beast boy knocks down the door to Raven's room even though cyborg. They then go snooping and find a mirror which sucks them in Raven's mind. While in Raven's mind BB meets many other forms of Raven who laugh at his jokes, or apoloigizes for her actions towards him (and Cy). BB,shocked by the mood swings, makes timid Raven cry. Then the Real Raven shows up then gets mad at BB and tells him off. Trigon comes up soon and Raven fights him telling BB and Cy to get out because if she loses the fight they'll be trapped in her mind forever. They don't listen and help her fight, after winning the battle BB & Raven, finally admit to each other that they are, friends.

Mad Mod

The titans are taken by the crazy Brit dude named Mad Mod. Beast Boy gets hypnotized by mad mod and when he gets hypnotized for the 3rd time Raven has to hold on to him, and protect both of themselves from getting hurt.

After Shock

Beast Boy tells Raven that he's not going to stop telling her jokes until he gets her to smile (how sweet). He also helps her up when Terra tried killing her with a huge rock.

Spell Bound

In the end of the episode, Raven hugs Beast Boy since he helped her fight Malchior


This episode had both BBrae, and Robin/Raven moments. BB throws Raven a surprise Birthday party, she didn't want one and gets moody and ruins it but then at the end he throws another on and she excepts it that time.

The End

Like Birthmark, there both BBrae, and Robin/Raven moments in this three part episode. In the end of the final part, Raven hugs Robin, and Beast Boy. She doesn't hug Cyborg though,probaly because he's too big to hug.


Fans of the pairing participate in a variety of fannish activities. There is fanart devoted to the couple and there are Vids centered on Beast Boy and Raven are also posted to sites such as YouTube (using the search term "beast boy/raven" on YouTube brings up 5,230 results as of Sept. 29, 2010). Fans also post fanfiction to sites such as


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