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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Trigon
Author(s): Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1981, 2006
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Trigon is a Star Trek: TOS story by Suzan Lovett.

It was published in R & R #15 and later in Antinomy.


From the publisher: "Chandra has pulled every string she can to get this particular assignment. When Kirk takes a very personal interest in her, she's absolutely delighted. But she's about to find out exactly what being involved with Kirk might demand of her - and exactly who the most important person in the Captain's life is."


"Kirk had other friends, and I came to like most of them. My favorite by far was Doctor McCoy. . . . .We were sharing a friendly drink in the Rec Hall when the Vulcan went by. My look must have left something to be desired. "Okay, Chandra, what have you got against Vulcans?" No subtlety in the man. "From what I see and hear, nothing you haven't got." I was being flippant; but he insisted, and finally got all the story out of me. "Let me give you some advice, Chandra. If you love Jim, don't compete with Spock." He put his hand on mine. "In fact, if you have any thoughts of a future with Jim, you'd better start liking Spock.""

Reactions and Reviews

Here is a third party story told by the captain’s lover. Even this unlikely premise stands as proof nothing can stand between Kirk and Spock. In some ways this is a distasteful and disturbing view of Kirk.

Before I go further, I must tell you of a signature scene early in the story. The narrator, Chandra, tells of her observations of behavior between Kirk and Spock early in her acquaintance with them. Kirk’s hands have been burned and he can barely use them. As a guest on the ship, she dines with Kirk in the mess hall and attempts to help him, but he will only select foods he can eat without assistance. The next evening after he has turned down a steak when supping with her, she sees him dining with Spock. Spock is leaning over cutting up Kirk’s steak for him and Kirk is completely unselfconscious about the help. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words – words of love and trust.

Chandra is sleeping with Kirk, but the shallowness of that affair becomes clear when later she sees Spock pinning Kirk’s decorations on his dress uniform and fastening his collar for him after refusing her ministrations. When Kirk tries to comb his hair and drops the comb, Spock retrieves it and proceeds to comb his hair for him. When Spock tries to push back the stubborn lock on his forehead, Kirk says, “Forget it, Spock. Even Vulcan determination won’t be enough for that.” I love that! It says so much for their relationship that Kirk staunchly avoids any assistance from others, but not only accepts it from Spock, but seems to relish it.

The ugly twist comes when Spock enters Pon Farr while they are on a planetary assignment. Chandra has accompanied them and is completely in the dark about what’s happening. Nothing McCoy does is helping. This is not K/S, remember, so Kirk is helpless as well, even though he holds Spock in his arms as he suffers through the agony of the fever. One thing remains unchanged: when Spock’s life is in the balance, there is nothing Kirk won’t do to save him. What he does may shock you. [1]

If you are only interested in stories where Kirk and Spock have a sexual relationship, then this is a review and a story you may want to skip. If, however, your definition of K/S includes stories where our two heroes love each other, this piece is definitely one to cherish, reread, save and treasure. R&R 15 was published in the spring of 1981—way before I became obsessed with K/S, and I cannot tell you how many times I have reread this story through the years.

Since it is almost thirty years old, I‘m going to be rather free with details. A young woman named Chandra who has wangled a geophysicist position aboard the Enterprise tells the story in first person. The Klingons have expressed interest in the planet Alsae, and a hurried on-site survey is required. Quickly Chandra and Kirk become involved with each other, and the captain realizes he may have found the woman who can roam the stars with him and share his life. Not even having his hands in plasticasts from a recent accident can slow their courtship. But when Chandra comes to Kirk‘s quarters early to see if he needs some assistance in dressing, she observes the ship‘s first officer providing the valet service Kirk had insisted he hadn‘t needed from her. Before this time, Spock hadn‘t intruded too much on Chandra‘s notice. She had worked with Vulcans before and found them competent and polite but chillingly cold, and Spock seems to fit that mold to a tee. She dislikes him. McCoy tries to clue her in to the relationship Kirk and Spock share but she isn‘t hearing it. At the planet site three separate groups are set up while the Enterprise goes off to another mission. Kirk and Chandra move into one cubicle together and they are actually in the midst of intercourse when McCoy comes to tell his captain he is going to Spock‘s site because he‘s been called by security. Spock‘s been out of sorts for a few days and finally ordered his men to lock his quarters from the outside. Both men are thinking the same thing. Without a second thought, Kirk stops what he is doing and leaves to go to Spock‘s side. Days later he returns looking sad and disheveled. Yes, Spock has gone into a premature pon farr. Kirk takes Chandra with him back to Spock‘s site. The Vulcan is in a bad way and steadily growing worse all the time.

It begins to dawn on Chandra just what her lover is asking her to do. There‘s one quick passage as Kirk tries to describe what Spock means to him that has always moved me: ―Spock...he‘s my friend. No, more than that. Brother...I don‘t know. Terminology doesn‘t matter. He is important to me. I can‘t bear to lose him.‖ I love that Kirk cannot come up with a definition of what the two men share. It defies any type of classification he‘s familiar with. And naturally whatever future Kirk and Chandra might have had with each other is finished.

I‘ll leave you to read the rest for yourself. Needless to say by the end of story Chandra‘s opinion of Spock has changed considerably. When Spock proposes marriage, Chandra turns him down saying, ― I require something both of you have already found in each other.

There are four illos by Suzan as well. All lovely. When you‘re in the mood for something romantic — yes, romantic, despite the presence of an original female character — give this story a try. [2]

Gen story featuring S/f and Kirk/f with Kirk's female interest as the 1st person narrator, but it was still highly satisfying to this slash fan because the whole POINT of the story is the woman discovering she can never be first in Kirk's heart because the spot is already taken (one guess on who that is :-D). Excellent and believable OC, great drama and great het twist on a favorite slash theme. [3]

'Trigon' is written in first person and unlike many works written in this way, the reader still feels actively involved in the story. It gives an inner look into the mind of a young woman who has been having an affair with Kirk when she is all but forced into saving Spock from the agonies and eventual death brought on by pon farr. A close examination of the Kirk and Spock friendship is presented, and by the conclusion, the reader feels that Kirk loves Spock and depends on him far more than he relies on his crew or even the Enterprise himself. [4]


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