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Name: Robin
Occupation: superhero
Title/Rank: Boy Wonder
Location: Gotham City
Status: varies
Relationships: Bruce Wayne (mentor)
Fandom: DC Comics / Batman / Teen Titans / Young Justice
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Robin is a superhero secret identity filled by several characters at different points in DC Comics canon. Robin is best known as Batman's sidekick, but Robins also appear as members of the Teen Titans and Young Justice.


Robin I: Dick Grayson

Main article: Dick Grayson

Robin II: Jason Todd

Main article: Jason Todd

Robin III: Tim Drake

Main article: Tim Drake

Robin IV: Stephanie Brown

Main article: Stephanie Brown

Not always considered a "real" Robin. (See Robin or Not?)

Robin V: Damian Wayne

Main article: Damian Wayne

Teen Titans

In the Teen Titans TV series, Robin stayed in costume most of the time so initially it was unclear whether he was supposed to be Dick or Tim, but later references show him as Dick Grayson, though the continuity is different. Many headcanon him as Dick.

In Fandom

Shipping current/former Robins with each other is commonly called Robincest. Though none of the characters are related by blood, they are often considered part of a Batfamily.

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