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Name: Grant Morrison
Also Known As:
Occupation: comic book writer, playwright
Medium: comic books
Works: Doom Patrol, New X-Men, Earth-3, Batman, The Invisibles, etc.
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Fan Website(s):
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Grant Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer who is known in different parts of fandom for different reasons. They have written for both DC Comics and Marvel, and appeared in My Chemical Romance's Danger Days music videos as the villain Korse. Due to their connection with MCR, they appear as a character in Bandom fanfiction.

RPF and Shipping

Grant Morrison is a somewhat rare character in Bandom, not showing up in Bandom Big Bang submissions until the 2011 challenge. They are most often shipped with Gerard Way and/or Frank Iero, and may also appear as a side character.

Fanwork Examples



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Fannish Resources


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