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Name: Earth-3
Creator: Grant Morrison, DC Comics
Date(s): DC Comics (2005), Batman: The Brave and the Bold, (2008-09)
Medium: comics, television
Country of Origin: United States
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Earth-3 is a canonical alternate universe in DC Comics. A pre-Crisis version of Earth-3 was destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths; the modern version, which has spawned its own mini-fandom, first debuted in Countdown to Final Crisis in 2007. [1]

Earth-3 is similar to Star Trek's Mirror Universe in that heroes in the normal DC universe have evil, warped counterparts on Earth-3, and villains conversely have heroic counterparts. A version of Earth-3 has also appeared in two episodes of the 2008-09 animated series Batman: the Brave and the Bold, entitled Deep Cover for Batman! and Game Over for Owlman!.


The fandom mainly consists of Jokester-Owlman fanfiction, some gen, mostly slash, but in either case usually very dark. Crossovers with the Batman and Joker of the Nolanverse are also common. There is also quite a bit of fanart, usually drawings. Doppelganger fanworks, especially Jokester/Joker, are also common.

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