Stephanie Brown

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Name: Stephanie Brown
Occupation: Masked Vigilante
Title/Rank: Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl
Location: Gotham
Status: Limbo (Has not yet made an apperance in the New 52)
Relationships: Dated Tim Drake
Fandom: DC Comics
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Stephanie Brown is a Batman character from DC Comics.


She is the daughter of the super villain Cluemaster and took up vigilantism in order to stop her father. Her original moniker, Spoiler, came from the way she would 'spoil' her father's crimes.


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Stephanie Brown took up the mantle of Spoiler to try and spoil her father Cluemaster's crimes. This is the mantle she has used for most of her comic appearances. During her time as Spoiler she dated Tim Drake who at the time was the current Robin. She also became close friends with the current Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. At one point during her relationship with Tim, she finds out that she is pregnant with an ex-boyfriends baby, which she eventually gives up for adoption.


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Stephanie Brown became the third Batgirl after her close friend Cassandra Cain gave her the costume. She soon got her own costume and was mentored by Barbara Gordon, and occasionally teamed up with Damian Wayne. Near the end of her run she also joined Batman Inc. Stephanie's time as Batgirl was relatively short lived, lasting only 24 issues before it was erased by the New 52 reboot.



Stephanie Brown is often paired with several different characters. A common pairing is the once canon relationship between her and Tim Drake. Other popular ships pair her with her best friends Cassandra Cain or Kara Zor-El or Damian Wayne, due to their banter and interactions during her Batgirl run. She is also sometimes paired up with Jason Todd, presumably because they are both somewhat 'outcasts' of the bat family.

Robin or Not?

There is substantial controversy over whether or not she qualifies as a Robin. Her time as Robin was short lived and is generally agreed that Bruce only asked her to take over the position as part of his ploy to get Tim back. The question over her legitamcy goes all the way up to the heads of DC who can't seem to make up their minds on the matter. Some of the writers say she was a Robin, others don't and she is frequently left out of material that is supposed to be about all of the Robins.

In an issue of The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold she was one of the future Robins called back to assist in savings Batman's life.[1]

There is some suggestion, although it has not been confirmed one way or the other, that her time as Robin was completely erased with the creation of the New 52. The current writer of Batman, Scott Snyder, did refer to her as one of the Robins though.[2]

New 52

With the creation of the New 52 post-Flashpoint, Stephanie's fate is uncertain. She has yet to appear in the new continuity and there have been conflicting reports as to her status. Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes while published several months after the start of the new continuity, takes place prior to Flashpoint and the New 52. The new continuity has Barbara Gordon going back to her role as Batgirl as well, leaving little room for Stephanie.

Many fans see this as a troubling development. The lack of official word on her character leaves many people fearing that all of the growth she's shown over the years will be wiped away.


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  • No Dawn, No Day an often recommended Damian/Steph fic, regarded by many as the best for the pairing. A future AU based on Batman 666/700




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