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Owner/Maintainer: Mary Borsellino
Dates: 2006
Type: News
Fandom: comics
URL: archived version (1 Feb 2017)
archived version[Dead link]
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was "a feminist activism website devoted to fighting misogyny in comics, the comics industry, and comics fandom."

At some point after 1 February 2017, the domain was claimed by a Rolex vendor, unrelated to the original site.[1]


Girl-Wonder is a site dedicated to the betterment of the treatment of women in comics that started thanks to Stephanie Brown's demise. Mary Borsellino started the site shortly after the death. She objected to the sexualization of Stephanie when she was tortured, the "Women in Refrigerators" style of her death, the way she wasn't acknowledged as Robin by Dan DiDio, and how she had not gotten her own memorial case in the Batcave like Jason Todd, the male deceased Robin, had. The site pointed out the fact that Stephanie, as the first female Robin, was a symbol of female characters in comics. And considering how she suffered character assassination, graphic torture scenes, WiR style death, and then was completely forgotten and downplayed in universe, she seemed to also be a symbol for how female characters were mistreated in comics.[2]


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