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Journal Community
Name: Justkeepstrying
Date(s): February 14, 2010 - July 2011 (last entry) [1]
Moderator: shiny_glor_chan
Founder: shiny_glor_chan
Type: character-focused
Fandom: DC Comics, Batman
URL: http://justkeepstrying.livejournal.com/; archive link
Screenshot of the community

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Justkeepstrying is a Stephanie Brown LiveJournal community that accepts any type fanworks such as fic, icons, discussions, scans, art.

As of March 13, 2016, the community has 39 members.


  • Use lj-cuts for scan/icon/long fic posts. Any thing above PG-13 in rating needs to be under a cut.
  • Clearly give warnings for anything R/NC-17 rating or with any sort of trigger issues (e.g. rape, graphic beatings, ect.).
  • Don't be rude to each other. No picking fights, and if anyone needs help to settle any disputes, just contact me (shiny_glor_chan).
  • Have fun! It's totally a rule. <3


  1. Last update 23 July 2011