Oliver Queen (Smallville)

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Name: Oliver Queen, alias Green Arrow
Occupation: Superhero, Multi-millionaire
Relationships: Robert Queen and Laura Queen (parents);
Chloe Sullivan (wife);
Jonathan Sullivan-Queen (son);
Gabe Sullivan and Moira Sullivan (parents-in-law);
Lois Lane, cousin-in-law Lucy Lane (cousin-in-laws)
Other love interests: Tess Mercer; Lois Lane (wife in Earth-2);
Rivals: Lex Luthor
Fandom: Smallville
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Oliver Queen also known as Green Arrow is one of the main characters from Smallville.

Canon Overview

In Smallville canon he dated Tess Mercer and Lois Lane. Later he dated and then married Chloe Sullivan. In the series finale it is revealed that they have a son. Oliver had a very strong dislike of Lex Luthor, which eventually ended up having Oliver believe that he had killed him.

In the alternate Earth-2 universe, where Clark had been adopted by the Luthors, Oliver was engaged and later married Lois Lane before his death.



The canon pairings of Tess/Oliver and Lois/Oliver were quite common when Oliver first appeared. The pairing of Chloe/Oliver was quite popular before it became canon on the show, after Oliver's first appearance on the show but the ship grew especially after Chloe and Oliver first meet each other. He is also frequently paired with Clark Kent in slash as well as Lex Luthor. Before Chlollie became canon and with the appearance of Black Canary, Dinah/Oliver was common due to the comic history between, many fans believed that the ship would be endgame.

Other pairings also exist: Oliver/Mia, Oliver/Kara but are much rarer than the others.






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