Oliver Queen/Tess Mercer

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Pairing: Oliver Queen/Tess Mercer
Alternative name(s): Tollie, Tess/Ollie, Tess/Oliver, Oliver/Tess
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Smallville
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: common
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Oliver/Tess is the pairing of Oliver Queen and Tess Mercer from the Smallville fandom.


Tess and Oliver first met on the island they were stranded on. Oliver Queen saved her from one of the kidnappers, Marcos, after she'd saved Oliver from being poisoned by a highly toxic plant. Oliver and Tess then left the island together and returned to his home Star City. They started a relationship that ended when Oliver left Tess after she caught him cheating.

They met again in Metropolis after Oliver was poisoned by Marcos, who was seeking revenge on Tess and Oliver for leaving him to die on the island. They end up sleeping with each other again after they had the contation about why he left her. They did not get back together despite this, and Oliver tried multiple times to get back together with Tess before he eventually moved on. Oliver and Tess later became business partners after the successful merger between LuthorCorp and Queen Industries.

Tess later discovered Oliver's identity when her role as Checkmate agent led to her capturing the Green Arrow. Tess was hurt that Oliver had kept this secret, but soon realized that she had betrayed him and later asked for forgiveness and help. Oliver, however, had no sympathy for Tess and vowed to expose her to the world if she ever went near his friends again.

When Tess and Chloe stayed locked at the Watchtower, Tess revealed that she still loves Oliver but that knows he never will love her because she is not what he wants, and that regretted in some way have let him go. She tells Chloe that Oliver was not going to leave Chloe since he has a purpose with her. Tess makes Chloe rethink about how valuable is Oliver and advised her to not let him go.

Oliver mostly refers to Tess as "Mercy", which is his petname for her. Tess is the first person that Oliver saved in his life, which led to him wanting to become Green Arrow.


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Tollie was a common pairing for in Smallville after they were revealed to have been together, the pairing was first introduced in Season 8 Episode 3 Toxic.


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