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Name: Thea Dearden[1] Queen
Occupation: owner of Verdant (Nightclub), student
Relationships: Moira Queen (mother), Robert Queen (step-father), Walter Steele (ex-step-father), Malcolm Merlyn (biological father),
Oliver Queen (half-brother),Tommy Merlyn (half-brother),
Roy Harper (ex-boyfriend)
Fandom: Arrow
Other: Portrayed by Willa Holland
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Thea Queen is a main character in Arrow television series.

Canon Overview

Thea has her first appearance in the Pilot of Arrow TV series. In the comics, Oliver is an only child and thus Thea is an original character created for the series.

In season 1, she starts dating Roy Harper. They later break up in the second season.

In season 2, it's revealed that Malcolm Merlyn is her real father, making her the half-sister of Oliver and Tommy Merlyn; Slade Wilson reveals the truth to her which causes tensions between her, Moira and Oliver. At the end of the season, after watching her mother killed before her eyes, she goes with off with Malcolm Merlyn.

In season 3, it's revealed that Malcolm Merlyn trained her in fighting - martial arts, sword fighting and grew stronger.


The Arrow fandom originally had mixed feelings about Thea, due to her not being a canonical character in the comicsverse. However after the premiere, she gained a lot of fans. Others did not share the opinion of liking the character due to her drug habits and behavior. However besides Tumblr where various gifs and picspams are posted of Thea, she doesn't have a lot of fanworks dedicated solely to her. She's often a supporting character or in the background pairing in various works.

There is a Thea Queen network on Tumblr, members listed here.

Since Season 3 aired, many fans started changing their tune on liking Thea. Although many do not like the fact that she goes to Malcolm Merlyn, many enjoy the new BAMF moves she's portrayed as a fighter.


Originally, when the show premiered, only two pairings appeared for Thea: Thea/Tommy and Thea/Oliver. Although both pairings didn't quite grow in strength, Thea/Oliver still have an active following and more fanworks dedicated to it. After Roy Harper's appearance and his scenes with Thea, that pairing took off in a way that the others hadn't.

Other het and femslash pairings are extremely rare, but they do exist: Thea/Barry Allen, Thea/Sin, Thea/Felicity Smoak, Thea/Sara Lance, and Sara/Laurel Lance[2].

The gen relationships for Thea are a lot more popular, such as Thea & Oliver and Thea & Felicity.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Thea learning and/or joining Team Arrow
    • Becoming Speedy, as a member of the team.
    • Both of these became canonized in season 3.
  • Robert Queen is not Thea's father, an early fan theory shared by some fans that was proved to be correct. Malcolm Merlyn was one of the contenders before it too was proved correct.
  • Matchmaker - Thea's often shown in fanfiction to try and get her brother with another (usually seen in Olicity fics)
  • Thea dealing with learning the truth: Oliver's secret and/or her real father
  • Some fanworks have Thea as part of the Arrow version of Birds of Prey team.





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