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Name: Stephen Amell
Also Known As: Steve Amell
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Television/Movies
Works: Arrow, The Flash, Heartland, Queer as Folk, Hung, Private Practice, Beautiful People, The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice, New Girl, 90210, Rent-a-Goalie, The Vampire Diaries, Dante's Cove
Official Website(s): official Facebook, official Twitter Youtube channel IMDB
Fan Website(s): Stephen Amell Web Stephen Amell Source Stephen Amell Network
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Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor, born on May 8, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario.

He is primarily known for his starring role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on the CW television series Arrow and it's spin-off series, The Flash. He also starred in Rent-a-Goalie and Hung. He also had guest appearances in Heartland, Queer as Folk, Private Practice, Beautiful People, New Girl, 90210, and The Vampire Diaries.

He married Cassandra Jean (actress, Fast & Furious) in 2012, and they have one daughter. His cousin, Robbie Amell also starred in a CW show, The Tomorrow People before it was canceled and moved on to guest appear on The Flash as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.


Stephen Amell interacts with his fans through his Facebook and his Twitter account - he often reposts fanart and memes on his Facebook. He's often praised for how much he connects with his fans and how he isn't afraid to share his opinions. His compaign against Fuck Cancer is popular - many fans buying a shirt that has his picture on it of his face with a post-it note on it and written on it:

"Fuck Cancer
Captain Amell"

Stephen Amell is also known as a shipper of Felicity/Oliver[1] and known to the fans as Captain Amell.

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